TheVeganKind #11

Let me start off with this post by saying, I'm now 16 days - no cheese. Cheese had to be my biggest vice and the hardest thing to ween myself off. I'm hoping there's no falling off the wagon with that but it's it was my crack.

Hoots Snacks Pickled Onion Flavour 60p are baked not fried multigrain small and toast like snack. Appetising and not at all overbearing, really delicious. They come in smoked bacon, salt and pepper, cheese & onion and salt & vinegar flavour. I really wish these were available in national supermarkets but all in time. Healthy snacks at 160 calories for you counters.

I eat sweet potato chips frequently and when I do them, I like to sprinkle spice on them for flavour, so you can imagine when I saw the Taste Spice Magic BBQ Dust £2.95 in the box I was in love as there's one thing I miss and it's BBQ sauce/seasoning. This really gives it a nice extra kick.

Skin Likes Natural Deodorant £4.95 uses a mix of plant based therapeutic essential oils for the odour stopping formula. The owners Jim & Sheila have a medicinal background. Jim has worked in complementary medicine since 1999, while Sheila worked as a hospital nurse then going on to train as a clinical aromatherapist, this is where her interest in plant based therapeutic essential oils arose. I'm going to definitely try this out once my current deodorant is finished and look forward to reviewing this.

Bear Paws (assorted flavours) 60p the snack bag I got is orange & strawberry. The texture reminds me of jelly babies!! That rubbery chewy texture that I've longed for and missed ha! It's here! There's nothing added too it, they taste true enough to the fruit. The ingredients are apples, pears, oranges, strawberries and a little sweet potato extract. I wasn't keen on the smell in the bag - I'm a sniffer lol but the taste I'm highly keen on.

A naturally sweet super bar, Creative Nature Blissful Berry Snack Bar 99p has no added sugars or preservatives. 100% natural, wheats, GMO and dairy free and low fat. It's cold pressed so all it's nutrients are locked in. Contains Goji Berries, Cranberries and a hint of Strawberry

Ombar Organic Coco Mylk Bar £1.99 has the rich, dark chocolate taste. Made from raw cacao from Ecuador. When you eat this it gets creamy due to the coconut cream that is sourced from independent farmers in Java.

Nothing But Fruit Pineapple & Grape Snack £1.20 My nan ate these as she likes snacks like this, she was pleased, they have a crunch to them. All that is done is that the fruits are cut, water drained out and sealed in a bag. The fruits are freeze dried slices. This snack gives you, your 1 of your 5 a day.

I've since introduced this box to a few vegan people I've encountered over the last month and I'm hoping it'll help them find other companies that do snacks and food alternatives as I always wonder what full time vegan's eat. I'm still making my transition and finding what I love and I sometimes feel unless you live in a cosmopolitan area where do you go and find such items.

Do you have a specific lifestyle with food?

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