Tips for Nail Growth

Admittingly me and my nails have a love/hate relationship. The first time my nails EVER had length was in 2011, 2012 & 2013. From being a previous nail biter (ew!) to just having weak nails. I'm going to share my tips that have helped me to grow my nails and if you're interested last year I did a nail care routine. I myself live in water (adore my baths - soak it up) and I also daily look after my 11 rabbits therefore my nails need to have a good amount of strength and care.

1. Pay attention but don't become obsessed.
Attention - What care does your nails need, what are they telling you? Lack of calcium, peeling, breaking? Tend to these issues but don't become obsessed, waiting on your nails to grow strong and to your desired length takes time. Each time I want my nails to hurry up and grow, they just don't seem to budge.

2. Always use a nail strengthener as a base.
I can't do without my nail strengthener, on my nail rest day, I make sure it's a day I'm not going to be doing anything 'too heavy' as even though my nails aren't as brittle, it doesn't mean I can be careless, which leads me onto...

3. Use gloves.
Gloves for protection *sniggers* well, if you are using chemicals or going to have your hands submerged in water, rubber gloves are the best option to prevent your nails from softening and leading to pealing and further breakage.

4. Vitamins.
The first time I started to grow my nails, vitamins were f---ing A! I've been taking Silidyn daily. I know Biotin has helped people, I've seen the reviews floating around, kids, you should be taking your vitamins anyway, I..don't as much as I should. I really need to get me a vitamin daily cocktail happening again.

5. Keep a nail file handy.
Keep one at home and in your handbag as any breaks that may occur you want to nip it in the bud immediately. Smooth and file that nail so any further splits won't happen, less chance you'll catch that nail on something throughout the day.

6. Lotion up daily.
Grab your favourite hand and/or hand & cuticle lotion and use it daily. Not only will your hands thank you (and anyone else who you may come into intimate encounters) but your nails & cuticles will too. I keep this Concious Skincare Soothing Hand Cream in my bag & bedside table. Peeling is a sign of dry nails, avoid this by keeping moisturised. Maybe even try once a week, pre or post manicure this Soap & Glory Endless Glove.

7. Water is lucky.
Water, water, water, water. It use to be my enemy, couldn't understand why people loved this plain, unnoticeable drink but the last 8 years, I've drunk water like the world is drying up. It's good for the body overall including your talons.

8. Don't use your nails as a tool.
That can be anything from, scratching off labels, lifting up a stay tab on a can, using your nails to type, tap on tables, scratching residue off surfaces..Picking at things is a sure thing that will weaken your nails.

If your a nail biter, challenge yourself to not bite for 30 days, hard I know. Those nails are like your crack but you have to think of the long term. Once your nails gain some length, paint them even if you splash out and get a colour you've been desiring. I bet you won't want to mess up that manicure with your nail biting.
- Maybe even try those bitter nail polishes (yuck!) I keep my nails at a satisfied length, just over the tips as it's easier for what I do daily and god forbid if I end up poking someone's eyes out or scratch their skin uh-oh!

Do you have any nail growing tips?

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