How To : My Eyebrows

After being asked numerous times about my eyebrows, I finally got around to doing this video but due to a quite hectic and still occupied week, I'm just getting this done now. I doubt I will be posting until probably the weekend - next week earliest. Anyway - here's the video (below) considering my left brow is my favourite, heaven know's why I worked on the sister right brow, anyway y'all will get the grasps of it.

The products I used were:
Cotton Thread
Small Scissors - Tesco

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  1. This was really useful :) been considering buying the sleek brow kit for a while now... You've persuaded me!


    1. It's definitely a favourite of mine. It's affordable and now they've got more shades. Hope you like it just as much! xo

  2. Great video, you have such lovely brows (weird compliment?!) x

    1. Not weird at all :) thank you xo

  3. I used to be very good at maintaining my own eyebrows (I couldn’t tread them though) however years of plucking, threading and waxing have left them quite thin and patchy.
    I use a stencil to fill in and shame my brows which I have been told is a major faux pas.
    Going to try Jamaican Black Caster Oil to try and get my brows lovely and thick like yours and in the meantime I may try the Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit in Dark

    1. What I used after over plucking and waxing was RapidBrow. That's what helped to get my natural brows back and since then I've rarely strayed besides when a woman threaded them too thin. Sham your brows oh gosh lol. Yes try the Jamaican Black Castor Oil or RapidBrow and just try not to cave and remove any hairs. - Good luck xo

  4. Loved watching this, you are perfection and so is your blog!



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