Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

This was part of my #Veetdaretobare bag, I wanted to focus on this because umm Summer is supposedly coming. I normally use my epilator, sometimes if the hairs are coming through and there not long enough to epilate, out comes a razor. Granted yeah I've been a little lazy as of late and Jesus you know I just wasn't blessed with being of little hair lol. TMI but honest. That's why sometimes the up keep is tiring and a full time job.

Waxing I've done in the past, such as the homemade wax and I've previously done Laser Hair Removal and had my lady garden waxed, just being a woman is a full time gig to keep the up keep and the legs are on display a lot during the Summer (whatever that means in the UK) SO to prepare that game, lets dare to go bare with the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit*

Within this kit you get, the applicator, wax cartridge, 12 wax strips, 4 finishing wipes, holder and plug adapter. I've seen a few reviews on blogs and on retailer websites saying that 20 minutes isn't long enough for this wax but I had no problem with the wax being left on for the recommended time.
The way I see waxing it's a two day job, exfoliate the day or night before to make sure the skin is free of any dead skin and to be honest I would say do it the previous day because waxing isn't easy on the skin. You don't want to make it raw or irritated.

If there's any residue left from the wax as you can see on my last image you can use the wipes to remove them, I did have to give it quite a scrub though - never easy.

Just I think, buy extra strips that will be my wise advice for this. 12 strips are definitely not enough, not for my hairy ways. I like to wax everything all in one go from ankle to thigh. I always feel brand new once hair free and tired. This is a fuss free way, no spatulas, just an applicator & strips. Personally I love the feeling of waxing :-) so this is all me, all over!!

How do you get your legs bare & summer ready?

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  1. Anonymous14/5/13

    I have been wanting to try this!
    Thanks for the post :)
    Becky Ann

    1. So glad that I could help :) xo

  2. You are braver than me with this waxing malarky. I tried it once, it nearly killed me! I am too much of a pussy to do it, I prefer to shave, even though its a pain as you have to do it every couple of days.
    For those who are a fan of waxing though this does look good - like you said no mess compared to normal waxing


    1. I'm going to pin you down and wax you!
      LOL I have a few more waxing posts in the works :) I think I've gone wax crazy xo

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, the reason I didn't mention pain is because we all have different thresholds for it, I personally have a moderate pain threshold so the pain for me is bearable on my legs and arms, to me it's just a little sensation for a second as the hairs are pulled out, doesn't last long :) xo

  4. Anonymous14/5/13

    Would you recommend this one for your arm pits?

    1. Hi, yes I would. You can use this on your legs, arms, underarms & bikini line, but not suitable for use on the face, head, breast, perianal or genital areas or on any other body parts. As said by Veet themselves. If you've never waxed before, I'd start off with the legs and gradually build up to any other parts.

  5. this seems like such a convenient waxing product!
    i choose veet over nair any day :)
    thanks for sharing how to use this!

  6. You epilate? BLADDY HELL. Somebody give this lady a medal, please?

    I tried epilating once. I yelped like a chihuahua on heat.

    I'd probs try out your DIY wax, it's much cheaper and the strips can be bought sep!

    (Woozy) Halima


  7. Oh I was looking at this the other week, was so closed to buying it then decided not lol. I think I get toooo lazy sometimes and since there's not much of quite time to do these things with a 2 year old running around, sometimes I would just shave. But, I definitely prefer waxing and would normally book an appointment for this - I only go to one in my town since she has this really safe and clean type of waxing that doesn't use a spatula and no dipping. But I agree, sometimes it feels like a full time job with all this up keep, doesn't it? Hehhe x Donah

  8. I have this and love it!xx