MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

In the coming days all we are going to be seeing is RiRi Woo from bloggers & yes I sold out!

I went and purchased RiRi Woo like the rest of the universe. Caved under the pressure and hype! Of course we all know that it's an inspired take on Ruby Woo and both are very similar. No fancy packaging but it's once you open and begin to screw your lipstick upwards you notice what is different.

My friends & if you've followed me for a while know I live for the hooker lips & prostitute red's. Reds for every mood lol.

This was taken at night under artificial lights 

Taken in natural light 
Retro matte RiRi Woo is a deep undertone red. The finish is matt, drier and it's quite stiff when applying the first few times but it's ever so pigmented and I love that! It's my now go to night time red. You have RiRi's signature etched on the actual lipstick. It does get drier as the day goes on I noticed when I wore this yesterday.

This will be released again in June, so if you didn't get one this time round, you have next month.

Did you snag yourself a RiRi Woo?

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