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When Eyesbright got in contact with me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of colour contacts of my own choosing, I was hesitant. Why ?

Rewind Dec 2006 & my first attempt at putting in coloured contacts ... dreadful. It had put me off and literally scared me lol! Since then I've pondered and hmm'd and ahhh'd at the possibility but when I was contacted recently I thought okay it's been 5 years lets throw on the big girl panties and attempt it once more.

Looking through all the available options that Eyesbright offered, I seemed to already have a colour in mind - Grey.

To me blues, greens and hazels seemed to ordinary to try ... I wanted something out of my box. Kate who works for Eyesbright was wonderful in helping me and I'm so glad on her help. I had initially chosen a natural grey and Kate kindly informed me that "If you have dark eyes these lenses won’t cover your natural colour. If you choose 3 tone, glamour or bigger eyes lenses, these will be better"

So off I went back and found a grey three toned pair but Kate said they were quite pale and probably wouldn't cover my eyes ... Third times a charm and Kate found the pair I have fallen in love with ...

Contents I was provided & a care sheet & instructions

The lenses came individually packaged in a plastic case with a hard foil top with the lenses in solution. It has a peel here sign on the opening side so you can carefully open your package without spilling out the solution or having your contacts flying out at the force of yanking at the opening.

Making sure my hands were clean & dry and my hair out the way I got my mirror and placed the lens on my middle finger as I found it more comfortable, first instincts was to close my eyes as it is something foreign I'm putting in but after several blinks and a break I started on my right eye first I tilted my head to the side and from the white part of my eye ( the outer corner ) I gently pulled the skin downwards under my eye and popped the lens inside and moved it along to the pupil.

& voila there was the first contact in ... once I had down the right eye - the left was easy as I had got use to the method. Taking different eye shots in lighting was important as I wanted to see how it appeared for different photos. My BFF Darrel couldn't look at me at first as he said I looked like 'Damien's Child' but after the hours he got use to it. My grandmother actually has a sister with this shade eyes and she said they looked 'very nice & different on me'

My eyes really do appear bigger in some photos that it's taken me a while to get use to how they look but I'm so glad I took the offer to try these.

I've had no discomfort and taking them out was easy for me. Wearing them indoors and outdoors with makeup it's been such a pleasure and for someone who was scared to take the plunge 5 years ago and was put off. I'm so satisfied.

The last thing I want to do is become addicted to fashion lenses lol but it's such a nice change to have bigger brighter eyes.

Do you wear fashion lenses ? Or is it something you've never bothered to try ?

Peace & Love

The Colour Contacts Lenses : Evening Grey
Eyesbright Website : Eyesbright.com
Price : £15.99 per pair ( 90 day use )

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  1. I have issues with contact lenses. I have never wore a pair that felt, natural. It was always very uncomfortable. I must say though these look amazing on you, you picked the perfect color. I love the fact that you can see a little of your natural pretty brown color in the inner circle, it makes it look more natural. Like you said, it's been years since I've tried lenses, I might be willing to give them a shot again. Thanks! Great post!

  2. @NinyaBella Seeing as this is a different brand - I'm not sure if that's why it felt comfortable from my last experience. I may need to try the previous brand & see or it could of been that I wasn't comfortable and confident with the process. Yeah at first I didn't like that but as the hours wore on, I liked that it had the brown there.
    Hopefully you'll have a better experience if you do decide to try fashion lenses again :o) xoxo

  3. What eyeliner did you use? It's definition, is on point...

  4. Im scared to put things n my eye....I know that sounds DIRTY lol! But these look beautiful on you baby boo!

  5. @Cee Frizzle Bourjois Liner Pinceau eyeliner ... Thanks for your comment

  6. @If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) loool, Thanks baby boo - it can be daunting but you got lovely eyes already :o)

  7. @Jennifer wooop .. thanks honey .. I hope I don't get addicted to changing up my eye colour