Naïve Beauty - Magneteyes Review

Typically not one for bags under the eyes or dark circles unless I've had lack of sleep and I'm a walking zombie, my eyes do tend to get quite puffy and dark - not a nice combination.

Whenever I need a quick pick me up, it's quite nice to just pop one of these babies under the eyes to feel a bit more refreshed.

look mummy I'm make-up freeee!!

As demonstrated above. It's quite odd to say the least lol I say that because well when do you normally just do whatever you need to do with two slimy curves underneath your eyes.

I received this box of magneteyes in December ( initial reaction ) and really wanted to get my use out of them so yes 6 months later here is a review.

I've got the odd laugh wearing these, it does say you can sit at your desk with them on, cook dinner ... watch television etc while getting this eye boost.

You do have to make sure your face is oil free - if your face is normally oily I wouldn't recommend these as I found on a few occasions while sitting in my oven baked bedroom that once the face gets warm it starts to slip off - so I wouldn't recommend standing over a hot cooker either because seeing one of these in your food wouldn't be appetising.

Now these are unisex so gents you can reap the benefits too.

There is an instruction sheet in the box that tells you which under eye mask goes under which eye ( left or right )

Once taken out of the packaging just pop it under the eye where you will feel a cooling sensation - that they say is algae targeting all the under eye problems.

Leave for 20-30 mins -- do what you need to do

Take it off and gently smooth in any left over serum

My nan helped me with this review due to the fact she has bags under her eyes bless. We had a slight issue with the right eye quite a lot

During Application Comments
Very cold on first application
Keeps slipping even when laying down ( issue with the right eye )
Not uncomfortable
Cooling sensation
Nicely scented
Takes roughly 10 - 15 mins for the serum to absorb into the skin - You will then be able to get up from the laying down position

this is an image of the right eye - which unfortunately we had the most issue with

After Application Comments
Tingles after the eye pads were removed
Left eye appears more improved compared to the right eye
May take a few applications to get the benefits
Not suitable to use any time due to the slippery incidents that can occur before its absorbed
Would use again
Would recommend to a friend
High possibility to purchase

Not bad for a quick pick me up ... I've felt slightly more awake and refreshed around the eyes after popping one on. The only issue I had was sometimes they wouldn't stay put. Maybe it is best to lay down.

Could it be the cooling effect that helps reduce the problematic eye symptoms ? - Takes me back to just popping in a simple gel mask into the fridge and laying down blind ( or even the spoons - who did that ?? )

Price : $36.00 AUD
Where To Buy : Official Website

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