Oh Diddy Dum Dumz

Hey dahhhhhlings,

I apologise ONCE again for being quite M.I.A but I've been quite busy so to speak. My hours pass by before I even get stuck into doing things when I get the chance. Last week itself was a headache, I've started redecorating which is 95% finish, just needs some finishing touches.

I wonder if anyone will guess how I've decided to redecorate...

I'm also mourning the loss of a fingernail & manicure lmao....

My male best friends must of seen this as the most girliest they've ever experienced me... my nail tip completely snapped off straight into my palm on Thurs I was so shocked that a lady asked me if I was okay and I had to proclaim that I was not as my nail came off and due to my decorating the white spirit had managed to chip off my manicure... which I'm so devastated about.

A few personal drama's I had to attend to also plus one of my 1st female rabbits died last week Tuesday so that set me back a few days :(

So we can safely say... last week was officially a week I'd like to forget.

I got a few things in the works at the present time, I have been quite off when it comes to blogging erm just after the drama's I was receiving you just kind of get this *sighs* why am I bothering feeling but after a break you realise there's the true ones and yourself who you continue doing this for.

Now back onto the posting.... & a warm cup of tea welcome to my newest followers, much appreciated xoxo

Grabbing this bull by the horns ...

Peace & Love

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  1. Hope this week goes better for you. I just lost my right hands index finger nail too. Now I have 9 really long nails & 1 short one & no time to shorten the rest, ugh!

  2. thanks @Saimese Yeah it[s such a pain in the ass when a nail snaps especially if the others are at quite a length, we'll get it back up there =)