The Jessica Manicure Review

Last week Tuesday I had an appointment booked with Michelle at Beauty's Within to get my HD Brows done again, I'm addicted.  I also had an opportunity to try the Jessica Manicure. Michelle had previously explained to me that in the Jessica Manicure that they paint behind the nails and across the tip to keep the polishes longevity.

First my hands were cleansed with a sanitiser.  I already had nail varnish on that was chipping and that was then removed using the Jessica Nail Polish Remover  
  • gentle to the nails
  • does not dry out your cuticles
  • non oily
Jessica Nail Polish Remover is available in two sizes:-
£ 6.50 118ml
£12.75 473ml

  Starting with the Left Hand it was then exfoliated with Ahava Body Exfoliator
  • A remarkable and natural cleaning agent rich in moisturizing minerals,
    Gentle Body Exfoliator works deeply to gently lift away impurities and worn-out cells.  
  • The result; a more vibrant, supple skin tone is revealed all over your body.
  • Apply liberally on the legs and torso and rinse off. Avoid face area. Hypoallergenic.


Then Jessica Phenomen Oil applied to hand & nails
  • Highly penetrative oil which heals and intensively nourishes dry cuticles
  • Helps to promote growth and keeps nails supple
  • Can be used on elbows, feet, knees and other areas of rough dry skin that needs deep moisturisation
  • Key ingredients: Vitamin E, jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Oil
Jessica Phenomen Oil is available in two sizes:
£ 8.95 7.4ml
£13.65 14.8ml

Ahava Cuticle Cream applied to hand then put into soak with Jessica Hand & Body Bath
  • Softens coarse, thick, rough cuticles while providing intensive nourishment. Healing minerals protect the nail. A healthy nail bed, means healthy nails.


Ahava Mineral Body Wash

  • Immerse your body in the luxurious lathering loveliness of our mineral-enriched gel. 
  • Its delicate cleansing ingredients, natural moisturisers and mild plant extracts, such as Aloe Vera, washes over you like a fresh spring rain. 
  •  Lather up liberally all over your body. Rinse off.
  •  Hypoallergenic.
    £10.00 250ml

    Whilst the left hand was in soak, steps to 4 were repeated on the right hand.
    Once completed, it was then put into soak and the left hand taken out and dried.

    The left hand was then massaged with Ahava’s Lightening Hand Cream  
    Reduces and prevents the formation of age spots and premature aging. Protects against sun-caused damage, using a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB mineral sunscreens.

    Approved for sensitive skin. Allergy Tested. Dermatologically tested.
    There are also other ranges of hand creams depending on your skin type

    £14.00 100ml

    Step 7. Was repeated on the right hand

    Taking the left hand, the cuticles where then pushed back using a specialised Jessica attachment tool, this was plastic, not stainless steel

    The attachment tool used, safely pushes cuticles, increase circulation to the matrix 

    Still working with the left hand, nails were trimmed as this promotes stronger, healthy nails, cuticles tidied with cuticle clippers and nails were then filed using a nail file for Soft nails


    For Soft Nails Kind to soft, thin and flaky nails
    For Normal Nails Made from medium graded board
    For Hard Nails Perfect for strong, hard nails, made from stronger graded board

                         All nail files are £2.40 for a pack of 2

    Step 10. Was repeated on the right hand.

    On both hands, nails were cleansed using Jessica Hand & Body Bath to ensure nails were cleaned ready for applying base coat, colour and finishing touches.

    The nails on both hands were then checked to ensure even length nails were cleanly filed.

      Taking the left hand, 1 coat of Critical Care Prescriptive Base Coat was applied using 8-10 strokes on each nail. This included behind the nail and the edge.

    This award winning product sets a new standard for boosting growth whilst simultaneously strengthening severely weakened nails. Critical Care uses Jessica's exclusive Protein KSW formula, fortified with calcium and intensive strengtheners, to penetrate the nail and increase keratinisation, creating a protective barrier to allow for maximum growth.
    Not all nails are alike, that’s why JESSICA Prescriptive Manicure is a treatment which analyses treats each nail.

    There are 9 Prescriptive Base Coats in the Jessica Range:-

    Jessica Critical Care Basecoat
    Jessica Rejuvenation
    Jessica Recovery Basecoat
    Jessica Reward Basecoat
    Jessica Restoration Base
    Jessica Fusion Basecoat Jessica Life Jacket Jessica Bend Don't Break Basecoat Jessica Flawless Coat
    Step 13. Was then repeated on the right hand.

    Taking the left Hand, 1 coat of Jessica Colour; Be Happy No. 431 was then applied. This was then repeated on the right hand. Each hand had 2 applications of colour. Including behind the nail and on the edge.

    £6.20 7.4ml & £9.75 14.8ml

     After a couple of minutes, 1 coat of Jessica Top Priority Top Coat was then applied to the nails on both hands.

    Jessica Glazing ultraseal topcoat
    Seals and protects the polish like a ceramic glaze enabling your manicure to last for up to 2 weeks. Top Priority reinforces the therapeutic value of the basecoats.

    • Advanced topcoat which gives ceramic finish
    • Seals and protects colour for up to two weeks
    • Reinforces the therapeutic value of the chosen customer basic or corrective basecoat
    • Key ingredients: Keratin Amino Acids

    Jessica Top Priority is available in two sizes:
    £7.50 7.4ml

    £11.75 14.8ml

      After a couple of minutes, 1 coat of Jessica Brilliance Top Coat

    Brilliance is an advanced formula, with UV protection, which quickly and brilliantly seals and dries your manicure preventing smudging, chipping and yellowing. Each time Jessica Brilliance is applied it revives the colour to look like a brand new manicure.

    • Gives a high protective gloss shine which helps reduce chipping
    • Greatly speeds drying times
    • Formulated with UV protection which prevents yellowing
    • Great to apply 3-5 days after manicure to boost shine and gloss
    • Key ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Anhyilide/Glycos Copolymer, UV Filter

    Jessica Brilliance Topcoat is available in two sizes:

    £7.50 7.4ml

    £11.75 14.8 ml

     A couple of drops of Jessica Quick Dry Oil was then applied to each nail

    Jessica Quick Dry is formulated with special film formers that invisibly protect the polish on your nail.

    • Apply over Brilliance
    • A double boost to quick dry the colour
    • Protects the colour from scratching, smudging and wrinkling
    • Key ingredients: Methyl Ethyl Ketone

    Jessica Quick Dry Oil is available in two sizes:

    £7.50 7.4ml

    £11.25 14.8 ml

    So how did my nails look after Michelle had finished with them : 
    10/05 : - look at that fantastic gloss ... love it.

    15/05 : - This was 5 days later, as you can see my nail has broken off like I explained in my last post and after this I started to wash my paint brushes and the white spirit seemed to peel the nails :-( 

    But I was still quite surprised 5 days later not a chip. I honestly wished that I could of maintained it through all my hussle and bussle of the next week too. Even though I would honestly of seen this manicure lasting. 

    I mean my nails chip after one of my sauna baths or hair washing and I had not one incident but the white spirit ... !!

    My experience was relaxing, considering this is the first time having a manicure on my natural nails as I use to a fair few years ago use to get acrylics. It's quite nice to treat those hands that we great and use each and everyday.  

    Yet for the next 6-8 weeks I'm back on a prescriptive nail treatment. 

    Then hopefully me and Jessica can get acquainted again once that ring finger grows back :o) 

    Have you ever tried Jessica Nail Polish before ? 

    Peace & Love

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