Have You Ever Pre-Poo'd ?

Up until last night, I was a virgin at this experience. Never had I heard of it until I was checking out Keep It Simple Sista's blog and I was giggling like a child for a second when reading it aloud.

" pre-poo wtf !? "

Yet after googling it and reading various blogs & watching youtube videos it was all pretty straight forward. As I have been bitching about how much hair in the last month & a half I have been shedding with my bald patch checking each and every time I brush, I decided why not just bring my wash day around - again.

I did wash it on Friday night but today it just seemed a whole different texture, it's like I woke up with someone else's hair on my scalp, not pretty.

There seems to be various methods on how to do this, besides on the obvious applying a conditioner mixture onto dry hair. Healthy Textures does a quick run down on a few.

I opted on applying my conditioner mix which was Pantene Pro V Ice with Cholesterol, with drops of room temp JoJoba Oil.

Sectioning off my hair as you would do if you was greasing your scalp. Once I had finished, I took a hot towel ( I just dipped my towel into some hot water ( not boiling ) and wrapped my hair & sat down for 45mins - 1hr before shampooing it out and conditioning again.

Deciding to let it air dry and not use any heat waking up this morning, my hair is so soft and shiny the ends are clearly overdue for a trim so there's no helping them 100% but it did a good job of temporally taming them.

I'm now including the pre-poo in my hair routine whenever I shampoo which I've opted to twice a month and a co-wash twice a month.

Have you pre-poo'd before?
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  1. Hah by the title of this post, I was so expecting something different!


  2. i always do now....it makes it so much easier to detangle and whatnot. I use coconut oil, olive oil, and a really creamy conditioner like Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose :) Hair feels super lush and soft!


  3. @Jo lmao I'm going to think a few others will be thinking different too. xoxo

  4. @socialitedreams isn't it though !? I can't wait to get my trim and feel the full effect of it. The messed up weather and my hair just don't agree.

  5. Yeah... I do it quite often now...
    Especially when my hair looks or feels a hot mess...

    I usually use an oil mix (olive, castor, nutmeg, and grapeseed oil), coconut oil, or a deep conditioner like a hair mayo...

    Don't you just love K.I.S.S.? Traycee and her forum have totally haleped me to change my hair....

  6. @**Star Ohhh that sounds like a very nice mixture.

    I adore Traycee's blog been following for just about a year now and her info is amazing and you can tell by her hair that her tips are ones to go by.

  7. I pre poo when I have time, its a wonderful thing to do..try out Philip Kingsley elasticiser extreme for a ready made pre poo treatment =D


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