Australian Organics Pure Plant Soap

I'm a bath addict. I buy so many bath products and store them up it's beyond silly.
I love nothing more than a good bath and a good smelling bathroom makes me very happy so browsing in John Lewis I came across these soaps, I decided to give them a try as I couldn't smell them in store so I decided to just buy them based on the names..

Purchased the box of four soaps hoping I would fall in love with at least one of the soaps. Granted this is not a review as I haven't used them yet but based on the smell they are divine.

On the back of each they have 'Made In Australia' engraved into the back of the soap

The first soap up is 'jojoba oil' pure plant soap with pure essential oils lime, clary sage and lavender spike.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot stand the smell of lavender, doesn't relax me at all. I wanted to really try this as in my oil cleansing method, I'm currently using jojoba oil and it does wonders with patience. In this soap the smell of lime to me is more evident.

Evening Primrose Oil - Pure Plant Soap with pure essential oils patchouli, sweet orange and ylang ylang

I cannot describe the smell to the fullest with this soap, I can smell the sweet orange and ylang ylang but it's got other scent to it that reminds me of something that I just can't put my nose to - times like this a second nose comes in handy.

Peach Kernel Oil - Pure plant soap with pure essential oils peppermint, lemon and rosemary

The peppermint is strong and alive in this soap, it's not so strong that it's unbearable, out of all the soaps I would say that all oils are evident within the smell of the soap.

Aloe Vera - Pure Plant Soap 'Gentle Exfoliating Body Bar' with pure essential oils geranium, sweet orange and cedarwood.

This is the only exfoliating soap in the pack of four and it's a body soap. I'm a sucker for aloe vera, growing up my grandmother would always give me aloe vera juice for different thing, oh she still does now

'break off a piece of the plant and squeeze out the juice and use it'

This will be taken into the bathroom with me from tonight. The smell of the sweet orange mmm. Now depending on how my skin reacts to these soaps this may be a repeat purchase.

Price: £4.85
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