Alexandra Burke “All Night Long ”

Honestly I'm not a big fan of Alexandra Burke - Why? I'm not quite sure but last month my Nan had seen her on t.v. and said she liked her makeup & hair in the video, while I haven't bothered with the hairstyle, I noticed a lot of glitter and heavy set eyes for her makeup- I was in.

So I decided as my blog was in transition that I would do an inspired look and film it instead [eeek]
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  1. Gorgeous look hun! <3

  2. Thank You Sweetheart. Appreciate The Comment !!

  3. i AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SHADOW! You must send me one! bwuahahaa or just tell me where to get it and I can save up...lol. GORGEOUS!!

  4. @Stef, lol the glitter pigment ? I'll send you a sample, they last forever. I've had that for awhile and you don't even notice that I used any.

  5. Yay!!! I loved it. I miss you baby boo!

  6. It's such a bitch to get off but gotta love it.

  7. soooooo cute!!!!


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