Want To Have A Good Rumage ?

Do you ever get those days where you just rummage through the wardrobe and play dress up in your own clothes? Friday was that day for me, I'd aquired a few items in the last month or so that I hadn't really tried on to see how they looked and photographed.
The dress above & below are both from ASOS it has a low scooped back and a very tight fit, just walking around my bedroom in it I was forever pulling it down over my backside again lol.

This satin jumpsuit also from ASOS. Satin right now seems so unforgiving on my skin, I have quite muscly calfs and to get anything that is quite slim on the lower leg is a nightmare and this suit is exactly the same. The sweetheart neckline and one shoulder is what I think I fell in love with the most. The belt is from H&M & the clutch is my mum's from the 80s.
I think I need to lose a few more lbs & inches before this one is taken outside of the bedroom.

More shoes for me, I bought these last week £23 in a sale from the catalogue. I can find it difficult to get shoes that fit true to size being a half size is quite frustrating so I was surprised that these 5inches are very true to size and comfy the platform does help give your feet the support it needs after all your heels are 5inches off the ground.

This short jumpsuit is from TopShop, I have this thing about strapless tops yet I'm forever having to pull them up and keep them snug, maybe I need more breasts lol. It would be very perfect for "summer!" wherever that went to in England the material is light and with it being shorts give the legs some sun and a break from the self tanning lotion [Yes I self-tan - the yellowness needs to be banished lol] It also has a belt that can be tied front, back or either side & I don't have much purple clothing either so it's a difference maker for me.

Christoper Kane For TopShop. These are my HG shoes. I don't know how I lived without them, comfy and rockstar looking aha!! I love them, so I haven't had the chance to wear them out yet I'm more of a shoe collector and hate to wear them out in-case they umm get scuffed or stones in the bottom - sad I know.

Do you have a holy grail item in your collection that you just cannot do without ?
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  1. That dress is too cute. I ordered two dresses from Asos the other day and was eyeing the one you are wearing, in short sleeve though. It looks great on you. I love your HG shoes as well, too fly! Let's just say I am loving everything :)

    I have a HG shoe, my Steve Madden Lazor booties. I love them so much and I always get so many compliments on them!

  2. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would of now got it in short sleeves now lol it's real tight but manageable. Thank you honey !! Just had to google your HG shoe and OMG no wonder they are gorgeous. I love love shoes like that.

    Thank you for your sweet comment .

  4. I know NOTHING about make-up but what i do know about is a HOT woman when i see one. Remember what i told you? 5 years is all, 5 years lol.

    Glad to have you back love :)

  5. " lol :-) "

    Okay 5 years...waiting!

    I shall be old lmao.

  6. Yes girl they are s gorgeous.

    I gave you a Blog Award hon, come and check it out when you get a chance! :)

  7. OMG! I love those last heels! Very cute!

    Come check out my blogs (subscribe if you like=):

  8. Thank you love, I shall check out your blogs later on :o]

    Thanks for passing by.

  9. YAY!! Thanks honeybun. Gotta look right for the 41 year old LOL

  10. Girl, you look beautiful in each one. Love the outfits and shoes. Bodysuit romper is prolly my favorite one.

  11. Hey gorgeous, thank you, I love the bodysuit romper too it's so comfy and light. If only the weather was nice right now lol.

  12. Your gurl Abby11/7/10

    omg I was gona buy that dress! hahah, looks good on you sexy lady :)

  13. LOL TWINNNNS!! Yeaah well I've never worn it out, that was the first time I've worn it.

    =] x