EOTD : Peached Melon

I haven't done an EOTD in forever or anything much really.
But I got up today & had to go to my mum's sooo..out come the brushes !

For this look I used my matte 88 palette and MAC - Melon pigment in the inner corner
and just a little bit more onto the center of the lid. I used a peach, orange colour from the 88 and carried it onto the outer corner.

The false eyelashes are from a bulk from EBAY I've had for quite abit.

I need to get back into practice of doing looks & being back on blogger.
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  1. Ahhhh I missed youuuuu!!!! *hugs hugs hugs* I really need to get melon pigment! lol

  2. Oh wow!
    I really love this look, the colours you chose look gorgeous against your skintone (:

  3. Anonymous25/8/09

    If I find one I'm going to put one in your September love package =) as that's when you shall recieve. mwah la la la lurrrrve you.

  4. Anonymous25/8/09

    aww thank you Parisa =) xoxo

  5. So pretty! I love it!!

  6. Love this!!! Looks beautiful x

  7. Love this look! And I'm in love with your brows!

  8. Anonymous26/8/09

    OMG! that color looks gorgeous on you!!

  9. love ur look..it looks like a fall leave :D

  10. Anonymous26/8/09

    love it, looks so good! ;)

  11. Real subtle but with a nice hue of colour, adorable!*_*!

  12. Looks gorgeous! I need to add Melon pigment to my to buy list.

  13. Anonymous26/8/09

    thanks sweethearts.

    i do recommend Melon, such a lovely colour.

  14. lovely look! i love your eyebrows :)

  15. i like it#
    love the eyelashes :)

  16. Anonymous28/8/09

    Thanks Imo, it's taken me awhile just to get a good shape to them lol.

  17. Peached Melon sounds so good. I want to see what the makeup looks like but the pic wont load :(