Dear Mia Tyler

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
The lastest article in Cosmopolitan featuring you is inspirational.

Turned the scars that ran up my arms into beautiful tattoos and decided to embrace my body, rather than always trying to fight it

-I for one have always had issues with my weight, I've chronicled that several times since I started this blog. I'm currently around my heaviest which is 10Stone 9lbs
(149 lbs) in 2007 I was at my normal weight of 9Stone / 9stone 5lbs. I use to be a UK dress size 10 - 12 which is an American size 6-8 but now I'm at 12 - 14 UK size.

I've been battling my weight for nearly the last year now I'd say..but I'm learning to embrace that I've never been a small boned girl I'm not the thickest but I'm certainly not the skinnest. There are stones & lbs I'd like to lose and tone up alot it's getting into the routine of doing so.

So who from Monday wants to start a 6 week plan with me on losing the pounds, getting fit & learning to embrace what we have been given!?
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  1. You still look great! Awesome article!!! Thanks for sharing.. I know how you feel.. I've stuggled through weight problems these past 4 years. I was thinner during high school, but gained 10 lbs in the last couple years.. Everyone has noticed I've gained those 10, and because I'm short it looks bad or something. I guess it sucks sometimes because they tell me how "big" I've gotten.

  2. I think you look great but it doesn't really matter what oothers say when you have a fixed mental image of yourself.

    I'll join you on this keep fit/weight loss adventure. I've put on weight steadily over the past 7 yrs - what can I say?! I love my food damnit!!!

    Where are you? Essex right? I plan on joining the netball team my friend trains with as I hate going to the gym - I find it boring, especially on my own.

    I was reading that article last week and think she's a great role model for women of all ages.

  3. I think you look amazing.. very sexy and womanly. No too skinny not too thick.. a perfect middle ground!

    I love Mia Tyler.. im obsessed with her.. I miss her catwalking days because she really is a huge inspiration to me. And so so sexy!!

  4. I think you look great!!
    It's good that you accept your body though.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to get fit, so GOOD LUCK TO YOU HUN! =D

  5. wooohooo laalaa, pause there for a bit, i prefer the 2009 pic to the 2007, you know i always say you are smoking HOTTTT :)

  6. Anonymous25/7/09

    To Jasmin - thank you for the compliment, to myself yeah I'm content with my weight I've learnt after a year to embrace it..theres parts of me i'd love to tone up and lose a little on and that involves work but I know the feeling I myself at 15 gained sooo much weight it was horrid; and the bullying automatically started but I want to know when it became other peoples perogatives to tell us how 'big' or 'slim' we have got ?!
    But my words to u is "FUCK THEM" you embrace and love you!!
    - you lose the weight when you want too or if you feel too not because people decide to poke their noses in.

  7. She is an amazing person all around. You my dear, are just as amazing if not more. I still cant put my body up like that with no clothes. Someday but for now Ill stick to showing my tummy covered.

  8. Anonymous25/7/09

    To VexInTheCity - "it doesn't really matter what oothers say when you have a fixed mental image of yourself."
    Which is true that comment can be taken either way people can say i look great but i know theres room for improvement and thats when i step up, or people can tell me i look fat etc but im content with the jiggle.
    But i'd love for us to do this get fit adventure, im going to do a update every monday im actually now doing a diet and exercise plan im not huge on diets so its not going to be something 'OMG!' cause I myself can not give up cheese to save my life lmao. Gyms = Boring to me too, then again working out at home isn't good for me as its easy to get comfortable when u want to I think you joining the netball team would
    be great..!! I think she is AMAZING I've always loved her & her sister because u can tell they don't change who they they are built they have learnt to embrace that.

  9. Anonymous25/7/09

    To Tali - Aww thank you babydoll, Ahh I'm a big yo-yo person; the cmts before of omg how much fatter have you got really use to get to me but now I just think ok this is me im accepting me / embracing myself either you love me or hate me...cmts are cmts its how much of what others say you give two shits about thats the difference. But Mia is adorable..she's overcome her own personal struggles and are showing that women should love themselves skinny, fat, short, tall whatever not to mention how much sexier is a woman when they just love and embrace themselves.

  10. Anonymous25/7/09

    To Rai - Thanks my dear :] oh the get fit is going to be a challenge most def lol, but I shall get my bum into gear ( i hope !! lol ) so thank you for the support.

    To Nick - You are just the original mad hatter lol I've been saying that for days now
    lol but thank you :]

    To Stefanie - Babyboo one day you will, I keep telling you how beautiful you are
    but when you are at your most comfortable were not going to be able to keep
    your clothes on those curves & going to love you
    as much as you love yourself !

  11. This is a fabulous post! You are gorgeous, doLL! I am also tryna work on this battle!

  12. You're beautiful no matter how much you weigh :) XOXO

  13. girl, u are HOT THE WAY U ARE..!!

    u got meat at all the right places!

  14. OMG Look at that sexy bod!!! You look great chica!! Loveee the curves!!

  15. girl you have a fabulous figure. I understand the stress sometimes cause im bigger than I look. But if you plan to exercise it can only benefit you and you will be healthier for it! Good luck with it. I find it very hard so props to you for trying!

  16. thank you for sharing that!

  17. I've been wanting to lose weight for so long but I always put it off. Now I think it's time to start.

  18. I love her tattoos. and you look great! i've had the same issue but if we can't accept our size..then who will. but you look GOOD. ;]

  19. YES i am SO up for this! I need to lose weight but most importantly feel healthy again!

  20. You look great still! :) But plans to better ourselves are always exciting!

  21. embrace ur curves babi girl....i wuld love to lose a few pounds too..and ur rite the hardest bit is building up a routine...its difficult...but u need motivation...its just toning up and getting healthy for u babe...ur not buldging out...or have a belly tht hangs over ur jeans...i think u look beautiful...but i know...myself when i have issues ppl say i look great...but deep down in ur own matter ppl say its not gunna change the way u feel about genuinly sayin tht u are gawjuss in every way...and im not juss sayin it too make u feel better...i dnt work like tht...if uve got a goal babe go for it!!! and ull feel better with urself!!!

    much lovin baba xx

  22. man I think unless your kid is OBESE like unhealthy having problems breathing fat camp shouldn't be an option! lol

    You look fab! I must say I'm jealous of your curves! ;)

  23. You look fabulous girl!

  24. you are gorgeous regardless my ms. laalaa.

    u do what you want to do to keep ya mind and body healthy. u got my support fo'eva.