EOTD : Smokey Blue, Hint Of Green


what can I say I got carried away lol.

On Sunday I ordered three StarGazer Loose Eye Powders, just to expand and try something new out. I love them, I'm so happy with the choices that I got. All three shades are blue but there's one I've totally fallen in love with.


(from left to right)
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #2
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #37
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #35

#2 is my favourite I love the metallic look it gives off. So I decided to play around with them today and my sleek i-divine palette.....

this is what I got...

Both Eyes :

Close-Up's :

It's a real nice colour, depending on your lighting aswell,
the light can hit it and really make it shine.
F.Y.I - I was having so much issue with my false lashes today,
they were just not wanting to stick to me.

-you can see the olive around the edges a little better in these photos;

-see my lash issue in the first image.
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  1. WOW! I love this! love the color and the POP!! BEAUTIFUL mama!


    my fav look by far babi girl!!


  3. WOW- BEAUTIFUL! I love the blue #2. I love pic heavy posts!!

    I like :))

    In what order do you do your make up? Foundation first then eye-shadow or the other way round. Today i got covered in my eye shadow.. had to re do my entire face!!

  5. Oh and ps..have you noticed how the blue makes your eyes like milk chocolate?!

  6. That blue is beautiful! Every time I wear blue eyeshadow I feel like a cheap hooker and cant pull it off like you!

  7. I loveeee the color! Ive been wanting to try out blues. This look is fantastic. You are so good!!!

  8. AMAAAAAAZING! I love blue eyeshadows.
    I think it really makes my brown eys pop.

    I want a Sleek palette so bad!
    I've heard so many good things about them.

  9. perfect ! ! ! love, love, love the colors.. by the way, love your brows.. hahha..

  10. Anonymous15/5/09

    aww thanks girlies <3

  11. :) So its powder.. i knew there was a secret trick! xx

  12. man that loooks so goood, u inspire me i have to try these..im gonna get it.i promise lol!

  13. Anonymous15/5/09

    devon practice makes perfect haha xo

  14. Gonna have to go get me that palette, the colours look real nice.I've been walking past them for a while but have never bought it??they're such good value.I love your lashes, you put them on neat. I still tryna master the art of application :)

  15. Anonymous15/5/09

    Hey Antoinette, the palette is such a bargin for money, I'm telling you; I'm going to get the others aswell lol.
    My lashes today were so not co-operating with me but I onyl had the look on for approx 30mins so eh! but thank you lol. xo

  16. woww i love it. your blending skills ROCKSSS

  17. I want those blues!! So gorgeoussss. Nice nice look, and great blending!

  18. I like this look, it would be great for a night out on the town ;)

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    I've just found your blog . . . it's amazing keep up the awsome work!

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  20. OMG this color combo is sOoo nice.. very pigmented.. i LOVE IT!! u dont kno how much i LOVE ROYAL BLUE!!!!!!!!! my second favorite color!!! you did a great job!! how about a bright purple now? =D xoxo


  21. Anonymous16/5/09

    whenever i think of purple Jes you spring into mind all the time lol. I'm loving StarGazer products at the moment so inexpensive and after that blue come out that wayy I'm purchasing more; going to see if i can get a lush bright purple to go with that blue for you :) xo