People tell me I live in the bath, I probably do and no doubt missed my mermaid calling. When it comes to the bath, don't mess with me! I go all out and I want to have my soak in tranquility and heavenly scents. One of the newest acquisitions to join me is the award winning Botanicals mineral bath soak in Himalayan Rose.

Rose was a scent that didn't bowl me over in yesteryears but since maturing you could say, so has my preference in smell. I normally put a capful of rose water in my bath for the aroma but to have this with more added benefits.

You can see the grains vary in size from large to small with the key ingredients in these powerful packed crystals being : Pink Himalayan Mineral crystal, Dead Dead salt, Epsom salt infused with rose*, rose geranium*, palmarosa*, ylang ylang* & lavender* essential oils. (*Certified organic.)

Epsom salts & me are bffs so to see this in the ingredients is a bonus. Draws out the impurities in the body while you soak, sea salt is known to have powerful healing properties, great for sore throats, mouth infections, sore muscles etc. Sea salt is amazing, so you can imagine the benefits in one soak. Pink Himalayan rock crystal have 84 essentials minerals. Just a sprinkle of this into running water and allow to melt into the water and smell the uplifting and soothing floral smell after a long day is great and this isn't to be skipped over. You just put a scoop using the wooden scoop provided into your bath whenever you need and reap the benefits and a good nights sleep.

This won a bronze award from The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015!! Congratulations.

-Added bonus, not tested on animals and suitable for vegans!

Mineral Bath Soak - Himalayan Rose

Botanicals Mineral Bath Soak - Himalayan Rose

I first came across Aromaworks a couple of months ago looking for an electric diffuser, so it was such a lovely feeling to be contacted to work with them and review an item from their website. I finally decided upon their Nurture Reed Diffuser, for a few reason the blend and also for the therapeutic aspects that the blend brings.
Key ingredients May Chang, Camomile & Sandalwood. I love Sandalwood and Camomile. The blends work perfectly together to help promote physical relaxation and mental calm. The bottle is translucent and a very good weight, the neck has a wooden cap that you attach onto the neck once you take the cork out to put the sticks in. Within minutes you smell the calming blend in the room. After awhile once you leave the room and come back you can smell it as soon as you enter, as I keep mine on my chest of drawers near my bed, when I'm in bed I can smell the aroma. Absolutely relaxing!

Diffusers are always a good thing to have in the room for consistent scents. To calm, uplift and help your mind and mood! I would recommend this and would probably even get another one myself as there are more diffusers on the website.

Nurture Reed Diffuser 200ml

Aromaworks Nurture Reed Diffuser

Vita Coco - Coconut Oil if the brand sounds familiar that's because the company started off with their water and that itself expanded into different flavours for adults and kids and then of course there's the oil itself. Coconut oil for years has been a "wonder" oil and over the past few years or more it's become much more popular due to online communities & blogs.

Coconut oil was in my routine for skin & haircare for a long time. I'd soak my hair in it, take my make-up off, moisturise my skin, it's a great oil. When I went lighter with my hair I had to be careful with what oils I could use, some oils can change the colour of coloured hair so I stopped using oils in my hair but now I've gone back darker, I'm in my element.
As soon as you open these jars, you can smell the coconut. Raw, organic coconut. I've never had any coconut oil that smells like coconut. It's more comforting that I can smell the coconut unlike others I can think of, so there's the first positive.
Using it on the skin, it absorbs well into the skin and the faint smell of coconut adheres to the skin. Moisturises well and not needing a lot you can cover a lot of the area you're moisturising without needing more. I would just get enough that it sits in the middle of my palm, warms up if it's hard and rub between both palms and proceed to grease.

With make-up it helps dissolve and remove, very well. I always have to cleanse the skin afterwards I can't just remove and be done but it gets the majority of the make-up off for me to be happy to move onto the next step. Oil pulling it another one that it can be used for, I've yet to try oil pulling, I want too so this may just encourage me that much more. Placing 2tbs oil in the mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes before spitting out, will help to remove toxins from your body and improve your oral health. Other uses can be for shaving, deep hair treatments.

My nan cooks with coconut oil, she will fry things with it. For me I'm so funny, I have to use a different jar from beauty uses to food uses - that's just me, I'm finicky. So we have more than one tub for separate uses lol. It's sure is a nice smell, smelling virgin coconut oil heating up. There's so many uses but just the fact that this is simply Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, you know you're getting a good deal.

Available sizes 250ml / 500ml / 750ml. You can find out where you can buy in-store and online here.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Over the course of the year I've looked into meditation through reading material & apps. Even just speaking to others you can tap into a different part of the mind so it was ideal when I was offered the opportunity to read a summarized version of a new book to be released next month (1st Oct), Mindfulness for Creativity : Adapt, create and thrive in a frantic world.

Keeping our minds open and letting the creativity flow can be hard as we are distracted by anything that happens around us, I'm guilty as charged. I will be writing, colouring, reading - something - then my phone alerts me to a text, email, instant message and I look instantly. I'm then put into another zone. Meditation is good for those with depression, anxiety or has trouble concentrating and controlling our minds.

This self help book aims to help us create a different mind frame to focus on our tasks whatever they may be. The great thing about this is you get a meditation CD with this book, it tells you to meditate at least once a day, twice if possible. Morning & evening but of course it's how it fits into your life. I tend to meditate in the bath, I think I've mentioned this before, there's nothing around to distract me. It's quiet, calm and I'm at my most relaxed.

There's something in the book called 'Habit Releasers' which should be carried out each week. It's aim is to break down the negative habits of thinking and behaving that allow us to approach problems we face in those unproductive ways. I saw this part as doing new things, allowing the mind to be free and excited about doing small things out of habit, such as if you visit the same supermarket weekly, nothing is challenging, nothing is new, it's boring. Food shopping for me isn't exciting to begin with but it's even worse when you're in the same environment, you meet the same people constantly as they too are in the same pattern. They advise just going to a different supermarket to break the chain. Habit Releasers can be done anytime of the week but at least aim for 6 out of 7 days.

Mindfulness for Creativity is a 4 week programme, so it goes beyond the 22 days to break a habit and gives more days to adjust to the new habit.
• Week One introduces the Breathing meditation. Simple breath-based meditation, that asks you to follow the sensations that the breath makes as it flows into and out of your body.
• Week Two introduces the Sounds and Thoughts meditation. Enhances divergent thinking by teaching you to notice the similarities between sounds and thoughts.
• Week Three builds on the previous two weeks with Resilience meditation. This cultivates a broad, confident and kind-hearted state of mind that enhances courage and resilience.
• Week Four introduces Insight Meditation. Enhances the three skills essential for creativity in one powerful meditation.

I'm enjoying getting through this because I find myself distancing myself online, blogging, twitter, I currently don't have Facebook and I've started to delete photos off my Instagram. Just to distance myself a little and have a life offline. I highly recommend this book just off the brief I've read, it's straightforward, informative and something I feel we all need in this social media, high paced life.

You can pre-order the book or kindle version on Amazon.

Update to come on my progress with the book.

Mindfulness for Creativity

These colour powder sprays are just dope.
I was sent the Red, Blue, Pink and Purple. For awhile I've wanted to have blue hair but I'm now at the stage where I'm just about to book a hair appointment and revert back to black kind of missing that shine and being able to have greasy hair without my blonde changing colour. Being sent these and being able to trial them while my hair is multi-toned made me realise that I can achieve the temporary hair colour once I go back dark. These work amazingly on dark & light hair tones - happy days.
Discussing the colours, the purple is a dark purple, while the red I'd say is slightly pillar box red, the pink is baby and the blue is more teal as you can see above.

I opted straight away for the blue and on one application think I nearly killed the can's contents off lol. I went outside to apply the colour, my room decor is mostly white and I'm not into having potentially powder spray colour on my walls resembling an episode of Art Attack. Best bet is to go outside if possible and do this! Any spritzes on the skin wipe off with a wet cloth easily enough.

Once it's dry, you can then brush through to give a lighter effect in the hair, I applied a bit too far up than I would've liked so I just brushed it downwards and it began to fade. Another thing best to do outside, during the week after brushing the powder out my hair, like powder does, it flies and speckles and these did exactly that over my furniture I noticed once I was wiping my surfaces down but who said being creative was a clean job? Nobody ever.

Only downside?!

They dried out my hair, I'm not sure if it depends on your hair type / texture but this is a style that should be left until the day before or on wash day. The powder sucked any grease in my hair, reminded me slightly of dry shampoo besides that they can't be faulted (oh and transferred on my jumper neckline)! Amazing for a night out, festivals or just when you want to have a non-commitment hair colour change. I've already spotted a couple gift sets I'm going to get family members for Christmas, Colour Makeover Set & Designer Mini Set - Party Pack!!

Prices start from £3.75 for 50ml or £9.95 for 150ml

Label M Powder Spray

I was contacted by Lush Hair Extensions to ask if I wanted to review an item of choice from their website being that my hair is currently in a (soon to end) ombré style it was a great opportunity to trial their Ultimate Ombré collection, I was helpfully colour matched - for free - by their team in the style & I chose the length, 20" Clip In Human Hair Extensions Ombre #8/18 Light Brown / Ash Brown.
Within the packaging you get:
2 x 8" wide weft (4 clips attached)
2 x 6" wide weft (3 clips attached)
2 x 4" wide weft (2 clips attached)
2 x 3" wide weft (2 clips attached)
2 x 2" wide weft (1 clip attached)
That's 10 pieces and 205 grams of hair. Woo that's a lot of hair.
My experience with the hair has been pretty good, there's been limited shedding, always a positive sign. It takes heat well, I ran through the hair just to blend my hair with the extensions and there wasn't any change in the texture, 180 degrees and below is recommended! Surprisingly for me, wearing all 10 pieces didn't cause a problem. you can see me wearing all the hair in this post too. The ombré itself is done beautifully, blending seamlessly and looks professional enough for me. Currently there's only 3 different ombré colours, it'll be nice to see this grow. I've not yet washed the bundle of hair but they recommend to use a mild shampoo & a good conditioner and rinse in tepid water and allow to dry naturally and before styling use hair serum. Dry shampoo is a good alternative to use between washes to keep it refreshed. If you do want to colour the hair, semi-permanent is to be used only. The type of hair is European Remy, that's hair I've never had before, the hair is silky, I'm comparing it to other types of hair I've had before and this one is silky but like there's a film over it to make it that way but it's described to be Salon Grade A hair and from what I've learnt that's what occurs a stripping and film process.

Lush Hair Extensions Ultimate Ombré Hair

Growing up, I hated water. I constantly would remark, it has no taste, it's boring. I'd only drink fruit juices and what changed in my late teens I don't know but I've never looked back and I drink water like a mermaid now so when I was contacted to try Nuva, a new brand of flavoured waters I thought, why not? The flavours are interesting and different to me, Cucumber & Garden Mint, Ginger & Lemon, Melon & Jasmine. Honestly it was a gamble as I'm not exactly keen on flavoured water but I've never given them a real chance.

Cucumber & Garden Mint you can smell the aroma of cucumber as soon as you lift it to your mouth. The cucumber is the most prominent ingredient in this water while the mint gives a nice after taste. Very refreshing. Ginger & Lemon, lemon lover and I drink ginger beer but I'm not that keen on the spicy taste or should I say it's touch and go, my nan loves ginger, she'll put raw ginger to chew in her mouth but I wasn't sure about tasting this one but surprisingly it's mild in the taste of ginger and you can taste both blends. My nan liked this one too! Melon & Jasmine a refreshing mix, don't taste much melon but as I've never had Jasmine before I'd say these compliment each other well.

All of these quench your thirst without leaving you feeling more thirsty or your mouth dry. They give a nice subtle blend to just ordinary spring water. Reminds me of fruit infused water that you can do yourself but these are just ready made for your convenience. Nothing is overbearing so you'll have nothing to worry about.

These can be great during the warmer months but all year round for a different taste.

-Nuva is produced in the Loire region of France using local Spring Water.
-Nutritional information, this is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, it's gluten free and suitable for celiac. There's no sweeteners, no sugar, no calories or artificial preservatives.

You can purchase these in Boots & Whole Foods also other online stores
Amazon stocks Nuva Water in packs of 6 for around £10.44 making them £1.44 per bottle

Nuva Water