Cheap Monday TTL Glass

I have noticed that in less than a year my glasses collection is starting to become a pick 'a' mix. Which isn't a bad thing as I can have different glasses to suit my different needs, I guess. Probably helps that my face is oval and it means that I can go for various frame shapes as oval face shapes are 'evenly portioned' & 'softly rounded'. You've probably noticed I do prefer larger frames and Cheap Monday are fast becoming one of my favourite eyewear brands. The newest editions to the family are the TTL Glass.

What? Laa, in tortoise shell frames, could it be? I absolutely adore them. The rounded frame, the tortoise shell effect, the frames are still big enough for my taste. They sit comfortably on my nose and Specsavers as always have the most time for their customers, I can't ever spill a bad word on them yet, I had to get them readjusted as they weren't sitting right and the patience and customer care - best to none.

Cheap Monday you're keeping me addicted to glasses and looking geek chic - I've never had people stop me and ask me where my frames are from before. I inform them, these aren't for fashion I'm blind (exaggeration, slightly)

These come in at £99 but you can always opt for the 2 for 1 Designer Glasses from £99

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