24K Tears

I was bored, I was sick randomly last night and this morning but I wanted to do something to occupy my mind as I'd spent most of the week unwell and quite unproductive too. I don't know why I decided to cover every inch of my head and neck in black grease paint but hey that's what happened and this is what appeared.

Not wearable but fun & different.

Covered my face using Makeup Forever Flash Palette, using the black grease paint, covered my face, hairline, ears and neck. Mixed Sugarpill Cosmetics Chromalust in Goldilux and Illamasqua Sealing Gel together & used a syringe to pick up the gold and drop it under my eyelashes and let it run downwards as tears and on my bottom lip slightly. Using that same gold, I used a disposable mascara wand and dipped it in and brushed it over some false lashes.