NOTE: This post isn't to alienate, be negative or take away from anyone mentioned within the post. It's simply highlighting issues that are well known but are constantly overshadowed.

Channel 4 news reported this year about the rise in popularity in the beauty community of YouTube & Blogging - I'm going to include blogging as a lot of these women covered blog & what I have to say isn't limited to YouTube. Jon Snow made the comment that it 'seemed all very white and posh to me'. It is a fact & it is very much ruled by that fact.

Is This Down To How the Media & Beauty Corporation's View Us?
Yes! The media doesn't advertise or support a lot of products aimed at women of colour therefore it doesn't feel or look diverse. If you switch on the t.v. and watch commercials you very rarely or never see a woman of colour advertising hair or & or make-up. I've rarely seen a WOC on a home shopping network advertising make-up, unless it's aimed specifically to that audience. I still think that's unfair, there are brands that do have a range of colours for WOC so why not when advertising do they not have a selection of women to show the make-up on so WOC aren't always looked upon as the minority?

If companies want to look diverse, use a selection of skin tones, a couple of years ago when we done the Tans for Women of Colour project we wanted to include different skintones and had a diverse selection so it wouldn't be difficult for others to find someone to relate too. Unfortunately something a lot of companies do not take into consideration. They will MOSTLY use WOC to advertise anything but make-up. For instance, Thandie Newton is the face for Olay...she's advertising skincare products, that's great, there's a WOC advertising & being a spokeswoman but you rarely see WOC that have ageing skin to begin with. We've had Jourdan Dunn as one of the faces for YSL & now she's the new face for Maybelline New York. Lancôme jumped onto the Lupita Nyong'o popularity and signed her up as a spokeswoman. Other companies such as L'Oreal controversially, white wash Beyoncé & Freida Pinto's make-up advertising.

Thandie Newton has also spoken out at how stores treat WOC when it comes to make-up and said there's a "‘ghettoisation’ of make-up." within the stores right now. Thandie made the point that stores will stock an entire range when first launched but over time will take off the darker shades and only stock the lighter shades - she's not wrong. The fact I live in a town to begin with, we don't have large branches therefore they don't stock everything and it's even more disheartening that they begin to stock items and remove them. Make-up artist Kay Montano responded to Thandie's claims:
Every single make-up company has every single shade. It’s all made. But it all comes down to territories and men in suits deciding what sells.’

How can we leave it down to men in suits to say what sells? You don't give us the opportunity to see what is in the store before your yanking them off the shelves or hiding the products in the dark aisle of Boots where the tumbleweed is rolling by. Within Luton, there's 2 brands currently within Debenhams that are aimed directly at WOC, Black|UP & Fashion Fair, I've even noticed that the Fashion Fair counter has been downsized. They took IMAN away, Beverley Knight Cosmetics went into administration. There's very little support.

So is there any surprise that the Majority are Overshadowing the Minority?
All these factors do not help but within the blogging community there's a lack of support at the best of times, we're more ready to tear down the other whenever possible. Fashionicide has mentioned on Twitter: "It baffles me that so many girls of my own colour email saying they love my blog but won't follow as I 'have too many followers already' And then 10 minutes later they tweet gushing about some big blogger with 100 times more followers than me. WTF?"

Being able to see women who look just like you, boosts your self confidence, if your always been force fed this media's ideal look of beauty, there's going to be a lot more skin bleaching, low self esteem and self hatred. There are a few UK YouTuber's of colour I can think of that are doing well for themselves, Patrica Bright, Shirley B. Eniang & BeautybyJJ to name a few. Yet why aren't I seeing more diverse selection of popular WOC bloggers/vloggers within the UK? I'd like to see more of a varied outlook of women when bloggers are asked to represent brands and be included in things. TBH I'm tired of seeing women who all look similar and have nothing to say that speaks to me. In a way it's what keeps me wanting to blog but at the same time it's become inflated with the same regurgitation from similar people.

'We're starting to think they don't want us,' - Thandie Newton
Boots - A Love Story - Thandie&Kay
The rise of make-up for darker skin - Anita Bhagwandas
Jourdan Dunn discusses the lack of make-up for dark skin
Black Women Love Makeup, But Does The Beauty Industry Love Them Back?
It's big business in the US, so why can't black women find suitable makeup on the British high street?
Note: Kay Montano & Thandie Newton have a website together "ThandieKay" Kay has worked as Thandie's make-up artist.

Diversity or Adversity in the Beauty Industry

It's an everyday misconception that we always have to spend a lot for quality. Since getting my first brush roll, I paid next to nothing for a set of quality brushes that are still doing me amazingly well 4-5 years later but I'm forever looking to add more brushes to my kit, the more the merrier. I want to point 2 things out, I use any brush for applications if they work well for me with whatever I'm doing and these brushes are amazingly soft!

SS024 Syntho Precision Powder*
Price: £11.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
This brush has a tapered end that allows you to get into areas around your nose and eyes to apply your finishing powder all over your face. It's suitable with pressed & mineral powder. I've replaced my other finishing brushes with this one as I find it's more accurate for me to use on myself & others.

C405 Contour Blush*
Price: £8.29
Hair Type: Goat
Always a brush I need in my arsenal, I LOVE to contour just takes a one dimensional face to one that can revival Janet Jackson. The head to this one is smaller and has a medium density at the base of the bristles compared to my others.

C436 Duo Fiber Blender*
Price: £7.39
Hair Type: Goat and Synthetic
If you like to have a flawless finish to your make-up, I've found this brush could be the answer, being that it's got a small head it gives more control for areas on the face to buff in the foundation, I also like it to apply cream blush onto the cheeks and blend it out.

C441 Pro Blending Brush*
Price: £3.99
Hair Type: Goat
This isn't the MAC dupe you might be looking for, if you're looking for the MAC 217 dupe, it's the C433 Pro Blending Fluff that you want. This brush is tapered and gets into the crease, it's got medium firm bristles that I've found gives good control. The bristles aren't as soft as others but it doesn't give a scratchy feel on the eye.

C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease*
Price: £5.19
Hair Type: Sable and Goat
MAC 224 dupe, maybe so. It's more tapered and dense than the 224, meaning that it also picks up a lot more colour. I've started to use this a great deal more to blend out my eyeshadow, I have to say, I quite love this brush.

C468 Smokey Eye Liner*
Price: £3.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
I actually like this brush to the point, I purchased another one at IMATS. It works well with gel eyeliner as it gives me a quick medium sized line as opposed to other brushes I may use. Now it also works with smudging out eyeshadows or pencil liner for the upper and lower lash line for that smokey eye look that a lot of us love.

C460 Infinity Blending Fluff
Price: £4.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
Compared to the C441 this is stiffer, not as tampered at the top, more oval. I grab for this if I'm looking to blend over the crease, instead of controlling it more like I would with the C412.

C250-0 Miner Liner
Price: £1.69
Hair Type: Taklon
How itty bitty are the bristles on the brush, aww! Yeah for some they might be squinting and wondering, well where's the bristles? It's 4mm in length but I love how small it is, I do prefer thinner brush tips to apply liner as it gives more of a precise and controlled line.

Welcome to the family Crown. I've loved to use these on myself & others. I'm definitely going to invest in more of these brushes, they are great value for money. The only brush I found that shed a few hairs during it's wash was the C412. I always wash my brushes before first use and there still in good condition and keeping in good shape.

Do you own any brushes from Crown?

Crown Brush Review

I'm probably not the first to have glittery nails but when I applied this RMK polish, I fell in love. RMX EX-16 Shiny Navy is from the RMK Power of Love collection , I have two coats on, it doesn't give a streaky application but to make sure that it's even and lasts longer, two coats are enough.

Perfect for the festive season and ANY SEASON if you're me!

There's 5 shades in total with the nail colours for the A/W collection. £14.00 each

RMK EX-16 Shiny Navy

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, Summer is ending soon and if the weather is anything to go by right this moment. It's drawing to a close soon. This SUQQU range is actually there S/S '14 collection and exclusive to Selfridges. It took me awhile to speak on this collection (about 5 months) because to be fair, I wasn't too blown away by it.
I used the Blend Color Eyeshadow Quad in Hanashoubu 16 but the shades weren't that great in pigmentation. The purple took quite a few attempts to deepen and when I started to blend it out, it virtually started to disappear, which for some I guess it's not a bad thing for some but it's not what I was looking for, I ended up blending using the shadow on my brush. I applied the Champagne shade in the inner corner over the purple, this was the only time it was visible.
The Balancing Cheeks duo, it's a nice little compact duo of a blusher and a highlighter, these contain red-gold micro-particles to create a glow and more depth but I didn't find that happened with mine, the colour was too light for me that it didn't show up much on the skin but it did give a VERY subtle colour but not enough for me, even after building it up.

Last but not least the Smoothing Face Color, it gives the skin a smooth, even overall complexion with hiding those imperfections that might occur like pores! There's three different shades, swiped into one to be blended onto the face to deliver a one step solution to imperfections. The pink shade on the left aims to correct any discolouration & uneven skintone, . Centre beige powder is a non-pearlescent powder to help create smooth looking skin without visible pores. While the white powder on the right it contains green pearls to reflects light to improve the appearance of skin and blur imperfections. It's quite expensive and I guess it does as it says but I wouldn't pay the money for it.

To be honest my first encounter with SUQQU wasn't the best and I'm not too keen on the brand after this range. Everything felt flat maybe the colours I was sent wasn't suitable for my skin tone but for the most part it really goes to show, higher end doesn't mean the best!

Blend Color Eyeshadow (16) £45.00
Balancing Cheeks (02) £38.00
Smoothing Face Colour £50.00

There you have it!

SUQQU '14 - First Impressions

This month Revlon unveils ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel. Expanding the ColorStay range this brings an astonishing 30 piece collection of shades to suit anyone. I'm already noticing a few that I want to pick up heading into Autumn (not that the season actually dictates my shade!)
The two shades that are here are Pocket Aces & Dealer's Choice. As you can see I've got an accent nail where I've applied Dealer's Choice, this has a minor shimmer to the teal colour, while the warm pink shade of Pocket Aces is a solid colour. I found the brush is thick, long and wide and applies to the nail well but it does soak up quite a bit of product making it easy to flood over the cuticle or apply too much. I have two layers of polish, it applies so well it looks like you could probably get away with just the one but two is a safer bet for a more lasting manicure. Two days later there's been no chipping.

There's a top coat available ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat that helps to make your gel envy more glossy and longer lasting.

Have you picked up any of these yet?

RRP £6.99. Purchase.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy

Food, glorious food!

Freedom Mallows were first included in the #TVK2 box in the yummy flavour of Vanilla, this time you get Freedom Mallows in Strawberry £2.50!! They really make me feel as if I'm not missing anything. These tasted great in my strawberry milkshake this past weekend. Indulging in fat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, GMO, Gluten Free, Gelatine Free - making these a vegan healthy alternative.

Nothing but Red Pepper and Mangetout Snack £1.20, I'd thought I'd never heard of Mangetout before until I looked into what they are and realised they were the same flat peas I use to pick in the garden as a child for my mud pies! Nothing But Snacks are just as the name implies, it's just freeze dried vegetables with no additives or preservatives.

Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs £6.49, I got more Soapnuts!! I just purchased a crap load at the VDelicious expo I attended in July. Therefore, your always welcome within my box. I'm nuts for soapnuts (ok, I couldn't resist the goof!)

Propercorn Sweet and Salty Popcorn 80p me & Sweep both enjoy popcorn, I don't eat it as much as I use too. Probably a good thing too - addictive. These I'm sure I've seen in supermarkets(?) gluten & wheat free, their popcorn is gently hand-popped! Wonder how long that takes!? They take a little British rapeseed oil and secret seasoning & voila, Propercorn. Now I've found these a guilty pleasure, even with the calories not being so high, it makes me feel good ha!

Had to check this had no raisins / sultanas in before stuffing my face with this Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Bar £1.79. It doesn't BUT it does have nuts *nom* It's a small block of goodness fits into the middle of your palm and gone within a few munches. Yet so delicious and I decided to have this as my morning snack & sad it's gone.

There's a bonus item in the box Teen VGN Fuelled by Compassion Wrist Band £1.20. This is a network for young vegetarians and vegans. A like minded community to share stories, recipes, encouragement and campaigns. Check them out: TeenVGN

Get your box from TheVeganKind

TheVeganKind #10

We all know I suffer from pigmentation, I've been thankful that since my last few bad blemish breakouts that I've not had anymore (might be down to my new skincare regimen) but when it's dark and very visible, it pisses me off, slightly knocks me but hey there's more problems that can't be fixed and that can, one way I've found is through Dermalend.

I'd first heard of Dermablend about 11 years ago, I had a really bad breakout, kind of hive like on my legs during my school exams due to nerves and they left scarring and my best friend at the time said to me her aunt used Dermablend for pigmentation on her face but it was doctor prescribed. So I've always had Dermablend in my head for many years. After all the pigmentation fading, it wasn't necessary to look into it for my legs but the last few years noticing the pigmentation pattern it seemed to be an idea.
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 20 - Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder - Dermablend Corrector Stick
I got these three Dermablend Corrective Sticks while they were on offer in Boots about 4 months ago. They normally retail for £15.00 each but I got them for just over £10.00 each so after a few minutes swatching, I decided on three. Shop lights are never great for swatching so it's cool to be able to throw them into the kit if necessary anyway not just for myself. Now I've read online some refer to these as foundation sticks or concealer. I think these work well with concealing small areas, like spots and possibly birth marks. It's better to use a clean finger and apply a bit of the corrective stick on a finger and warm it up and dab it on to make it a bit easier to apply and blend out.

My one gripe with the entire collection is, the shade variety. I have trouble with colours cos I'm in no mans land and live to mix so I had to find a way for these guys to work for me.

With one swipe you can immediately see the full coverage it offers. It can be build-able, therefore I work with a small amount before blending and reapplying as much as necessary. Getting more of a natural appearance.
Swatches :-  Top Row Corrective Stick // Bottom Row Corrective Foundation 
When I work with full coverage make-up, I don't ever like to use a large amount in one go, well with any application I find small amounts work better as I said above giving you time to apply what's needed afterwards. In the corrective foundation, I've got the shade Nude & Sand (Nude was a wrong choice, I probably should of gave Bronze a try and mixed it down) now the only area I now have a slight bit of pigmentation is by my nose but it's faded pretty quickly since May but I've been using Dermablend since around June to only the areas that need it, I find it's too heavy for me, for an all over foundation - that's my preference, I apply it with a beauty blender and love the results I get. I apply it around the under eye, down the nose and parts of my cheek - think contouring effect. I then blend that into the skin and set it using their loose setting powder around my nose area and then I use my Banana Powder under the eyes. I have the pigmentation on the left side of my face, which is the side I mostly take my images on. Safe to say I feel comfortable posing on that side.

I'd say these are good for those wanting to conceal, birth marks, vitaligo, thread veins and even tattoos, numerous skin 'imperfections' we may not be comfortable with. I wouldn't recommend the foundation as one for daily use if you don't need it.
Like I said, they may need to look into expanding the colours a bit more, if there are more shades available, they need to make them more available. Besides that, I can't complain, the brand does as it says & for that there's no fault.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation 30ml £16.00
Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder £15.00
Vichy Dermablend Corrector Stick £15.00
Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation + Corrector Stick Review

I reviewed this product before last year. The difference in this one is, this cartridge has Pomegranate Oil in. Pomegranate oil is known for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant soothing and moisturising properties, ideal oil for a product like this! Well that's if it worked for me. I've not a clue WHY this pomegranate oil cartridge didn't work for me. Let me tell you now I'm nursing a sore armpit, cos it ripped out about 5 hairs from my underams (believe me, times that by 1000 and you'll know how many hairs are under there) so it wasn't a successful rip. If you suffer from Chaetophobia you might not want to scroll down.

Let's start at the beginning, I plugged it in and looked at the time and said, right give it until the maximum 30 minute heat up time (20 is minimum) 40 minutes later, I'm shouting 'Shit!' running upstairs and expecting scalding hot such thing so I go wash and dried the underarm, slapped some talc under there so the wax doesn't stick to any skin.

Proceeded with waxing the top half of my underarm and it says to go upwards with the wax, o.k. it's some what warm but not much wax is coming out so I roll it over about 5-6 times, apply the strip and GO! I saw 3 visible hairs on the strip. As the wax was still there I went for another quick round, 2 more hairs and a sore pit. I gave up! I'm still nursing this soreness and it's not nice, I've had to not do a few days of exercise cos any sort of chaffing isn't comfortable.
BTW the smell for me, it's horrid. I just can't. I'm quite disappointed as I love the original formula and it works for me, this wax even 40 minutes later didn't do the job or roll out much wax. Thankfully the original cartridge is still available but for me unfortunately, this is a no.

Purchase Here

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit with Pomegranate Oil

You think of woody fragrances and most of us would associate it with a male. Le Soft Perfume in Artist is a masculine scent for women. Not even in a Marlene Dietrich sort of way, I think it really works well for a feminine scent. I do prefer my fruity / floral scents. I chose this to give it a try, something different, why the heck not. I'm pleased I did. Solid perfumes are becoming a favourite of mine, they seem to stick to the skin more than spray.

Top note Grapefruit
Middle notes (are spicy notes) Cedar and Patchouli
Base notes are Moss and Musk

The brand is good for those whose skin doesn't react well to alcohol or you are anti-parabens, either of those you will not find in these solid perfumes. Artist has an allure about it of sexiness, alongside the masculinity. I smell it and it gives me a confident, strong vibe.

A little swipe on the wrists & neck and this little stick will last a little while.

Coco-Caprylate, Candelilla Cera, Olus Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Copernica Cerifera Cera, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, D-Limonene, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower, Citral, Octyldodecanol, Tocopherol, Eugenol, Ci75470, Hydroxycitronellal, Cinnamal, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Farnesol.

Are you a fan of solid perfumes?

£20.00 5g Cult Beauty

Le Soft Perfume - Artist

I've been kinderwhoring this weekend, yeah. Taking that inspiration from Courtney Love who mainstreamed the look in the 90s BUT I decided to twist the look and instead of doing that heavy grunge, slept in make-up look and I've not washed my face since my mum did it for me vibe, I went for a cleaner face so to speak and even though I kept it matte, I made it more now by using a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones for a subtle glow.
The babydoll / camisole dresses that the kinderwhore trend revolved around also came into effect but so did the Impulse - Vanilla Kisses bodyspray!!! Body spray was found in nearly every tween/teens bag in the 90s and Impulse was one of the top brands to go for, with such an iconic scent as Vanilla Kisses. I spray it and I'm instantly taken back to the days of spraying the cans in the shop aisle.
You were my perfume before I was even allowed to wear it (not that it stopped me!) Chupa Chups strawberry and cream, anyone?
After a wtf do I do with my hair, it's quite greasy at the moment and in need of a dunk, I took some modern inspiration from Gwen Stefani and did a front twist into one bun and also did a bun at the bottom, it's not a structured bun, more of a loop.
So onto the make-up, up close + personal, I kept some elements of the 90s, the matte face, the taupe and browns. So, here's how you can recreate the look, throw on a choker, your thumb & midi rings and camisoles. Here's a rundown.

Illamasqua Matte Primer
Oxgygenetix Oxygenating Foundation - Almond
MAC Gingerly Blush
Topshop Glow Stick

MAC Quite Natural Paint Pot
MAC Gingerly Blush
MAC Teddy Kohl
Sothys Graphic Khol Liner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Benefit Gimme Brow

MAC Whirl Lipliner
NYX Lipstick - Perfect

Does anybody remember when The Spice Girls were spokesmodels for Impulse? Impulse Spice!!! My, that takes me I really know how grown-ups feel.


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Impulse Vanilla Kisses

When I was first contacted by Old Wives Tail about a potential review of their products, I was sceptical, my hair is in such repair after that keratin job still so I'm quite cautious but when I looked through their product page, I noticed everything is homemade, natural / organic. This can't do any harm, right?

I decided to go for the Rosemary & Argan Oil treatment, because yes my hair gets frizzy and it's pretty thick when combed out so I find it dries quickly and it's low porosity. Upon opening this 100ml tub, I was overwhelmed with the smell of rosemary, I just kept thinking, it smells like something from the kitchen - it reminded me of stuffing. How much more homely can you get? So the scent isn't anything for me to sing home about but I can deal with it, if it works for me. Rosemary Oil is known to help stimulate the scalp and hair growth.

The texture is thick but runny (kind of reminded me of cornmeal porridge) I detangle my hair and rinse with warm water, I begin to section off my hair in 4 parts and massage into my scalp, section by section to make sure it's evenly distributed and massaged into my scalp anything left on my hands I just run it down the hairs section. I pop on my showercap and leave for 1 hour before doing my shampoo routine, scalp clean and allow it to rinse down the hair shafts. The instructions say that if conditioner is desired apply to the ends only. I then continue my hair routine and leave my hair to air dry.

I've used this once a week for nearly a month and my hair isn't feeling as dry as normal and is quite soft before my mid week wash. I've learnt less is more with this treatment for me otherwise the hair feels weighed down even after repeated shampooing. I used it twice after I blowed my hair out one week before transitioning back to curly and also during the wash before styling my hair to keep it protected.

A homely homemade product that reminds me of something from the kitchen that I whipped up myself. It's definitely worth a try to help combat dry hair and / or breakage.

Ingredients: Argania Spinosa (Argan) Nut Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Karite Butter Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.

Made with certified organic ingredients only, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, vegan & vegetarian, no animal testing.

Organic Rosemary & Argan Oil Hair Treatment £13.99

Old Wives Tail Organic Rosemary & Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel 250ml £4.00, Miracle Solid Oil 50g £8.00, Solid Oil Lips 29ml £4.00, Body Lotion 250ml £8.00

Without a doubt Argan Oil has become one of the top 5 it oils amongst people over the last few years and it's not slowing down for companies knowing the benefits of the oil. Wild Argan Oil Range is a nine product collection, which has a varied option of oils, solid oils, shower gel and the ever favourite body butter.

This Queen of Oils is rich in fatty acids such as Omega 6 (linoleic acid) the Berber women have used Argan Oil traditionally for centuries in their beauty rituals. It helps to protect their skin and hair from harsh winds and the strong sun.

I found this body lotion to be a tad thicker from other body lotions of theirs but it's still easier and cooler to blend into the skin, as I've mentioned before it's extremely cooling for this time of the year and it doesn't leave a greasy appearance or feel to the skin. Solid Oil is great to have to just swirl the finger tips over the oil and lightly grease the tips to apply onto the extra dry parts of your skin, for me that occurs on my feet and elbows.

Looking through the ingredients of the lotion, I noticed that the Argan Oil ingredient Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil isn't as prominent as it should be, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter and other ingredients come into the ingredient list before the main oil of this line.

It does carry a gorgeous fragrance, to me it has a slight warm vanilla scent before it starts to remind me of cocoa / shea butter. It does have to be one of my favourite scents after their White Gardenia range.

Launching 13th August

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range

My first introduction into razors was the multiple disposable orange BIC razors, just an unfortunate thing that I didn't use it on my legs or underarms, no, no. My eyebrows, my poor mum went out and found a late night pharmacy to get me a pencil to fill in my brows, oh did I fail to mention I was 11 and the next day I was turning 12 and had picture day at school. Yes, it's been an experimental life we've had you & I, BIC!

When presented with your latest experiment how could I say no?
You may recall my post on my Hollywood Wax or even my Epilating posts (1) & (2), I use any method to remove this sasquatch body hair. In between a wax, a trimmer comes in handy, you don't want the hair to be too long inbetween your waxes and you may just want to be a little more neater. This razor has a pivoting head, allowing easy movement around curves. It's simple to use, make sure the hairs wet and I go against growth, I don't find it trims as much going with the growth.

It has that disposable feel to it, I can't explain it but for something that is disposable it has a neat design and I've yet to run into an issues. I tried to not compare it to my other trimmer, which was hard not to do but in all honesty for the price, I cannot grumble. I'd probably purchase this in the future if necessary.

BIC Soleil Secret £3.99

Have you tried this secret razor?

BIC Soleil Secret Razor

Colour Crush Eye Shadows £7.00 each
245 Coco Deluxe, 360 Gold Rosemance, 125 Champagne Kiss, 260 Golden Cinnamon.
Colour Crush Lipstick £10.00 each
245 Pink Luxe, 350 Golden Syrup, 140 Make My Hear Gleam.

The lipstick do give some nice moisture to the lips with a wash of colour, almost sheer that can be buildable to your desired look. Above I'm wearing Pink Luxe. I found the texture of both lipsticks to be to feel slightly gritty(?) The colours are subtle and ideal for those looking for a sheer / glossy look.
Onto the shadows, besides the darker shade Coco Deluxe, I found the others didn't give off much vibrancy, they go on well without any fall out but I noticed when I applied the lighter ones, the brightness faded very quickly. They will be good for highlights or not so light bases for any everyday eye if your after something not so there.

Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner £10.00
These come in two shades, Carbon Black and Brown. Giving you the choice between a subtle or dramatic look. Quite a few brands do eyeliner in this packaging, 2ml amount with a concealed on the go brush in the lid that simply pops off and on. I don't favour the brushes too much, not a bad idea if your travelling and want more space. Although I prefer to use my own thin brush to give myself the desired thickness build up. It doesn't dry as quick as my current gel liner, so be careful and it's quite easy to smudge. Besides that you get a high quality black eyeliner. Can't comment on how quickly it dries out in the pot - it's virgin new!

Products Used
The Body Shop All In One InstaBlur
The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 03 
The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder Dark Matte
The Body Shop Colour Crush e/s Champagne Kiss
The Body Shop Colour Crush e/s Gold Rosemance
The Body Shop Colour Crush e/s Coco Deluxe 
The Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner Carbon Black
The Body Shop Carbon Brown Eye Definer 
The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara
The Body Shop Colour Crush Make My Hear Gleam l/s

Launching 12th August & 13th August respectively.

What takes your fancy?

The Body Shop Colour Crush Collection // Liner & Brow Definer

While in LUSH the other month, I hadn't noticed I picked up the self-preserving Ocean Salt. The woman at the counter pointed this out to me and I said hey, it's worth a try, how much different could it be to the original Ocean Salt? There were a few things that straight away I noticed were different.
- The Smell
- The Texture
- The Ingredients
Those were the things for me I couldn't get passed, it's hard not to compare two products that are 'the same'.

The Smell
I find the smell is more subtle with the self-preserving and while using it, it gave me a whiff of their Oatifix face mask. The strong smell is one of the reason I adore the original. I think my pot didn't have as much Lime Soaked in Vodka.

The Texture
Self-preserving is less gritty than original. I think it would be suitable for those whose skin is more sensitive prone as it wouldn't be as irritating. I have noticed a lot of people say that the salt is too harsh for their skin and it scratches, I've never experienced this, which is why it's been a HG of mine for about 4/5 years. I also find the self-preserving more solid.

The Ingredients
The self-preserving ocean salt doesn't have as much ingredients as it's original. They've removed Stearic Acid, Glycol Cetearate, Triethanolamine, Lanolin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben and Propylparaben and isn't Vegan suitable. It's added Silken Tofu, Japan Wax and Mango Butter and became suitable for Vegans thanks to the removal of Lanolin. Lanolin is a waxy residue that comes from the skin secretions of sheep. It's often used within cosmetics to help bind ingredients while giving them an oily consistancy and heal & soothe the skin.

Of course they've got rid of the parabens, the love / hate bens. Ask industry professionals and they will tell you for years they've been used safely within products but some people might have a reaction to them, although a vast majority of people may say they have links to encouraging cancer cells. It's debated and a when in doubt, do without ingredient. LUSH have listened and given different ingredients to suit their customers.

That being said, I'm still unsure, maybe it was my pot? I hadn't used the scrub since the second use, I just reverted back to my St Ives Scrub and then purchased the original Ocean Salt instead.

Have you tried any of these?

LUSH Ocean Salt Self-Preserving vs Ocean Salt

Straight to the point video on how I get bouncy, light weighted curls. Most my hair appliances are by BaByliss, I had their first Big Hair appliance but it blew up on me (nobody was hurt in the incident, only my heart) last year and due to warranty I was granted a new one, this one being their NEW Big Hair. I've used it a handful of times, I find it to be the cheats way to a quick blow dry. Screw the extras and variation of barrel brushes. All I use is, Big Hair, a heat protectant, straightening blowdry balm, oil and a whole load of bobby bins.

The outcome are loose waves, modern Veronica Lake and bouncing waves when you strut.

Perfect Blowdry "Cheat" Tutorial