The fact I've always been intrigued by gel nails I've never bothered to get them done, maybe it's the fact that I find it tedious to sit in a nail salon and get my nails done, when the opportunity arose that I could trial the Red Carpet Manicure system I went for it. A manicure that lasts longer than ordinary polish?

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

It's no secret I suffer from the odd breakouts & that I love to shed dead skin. From the time I started to break out, St Ives Apricot Scrub was always recommended by other bloggers / reviewers. I was never able to try it as it was forever sold out but lo & behold 6 years later, I'm finally able to try it out.

St Ives Apricot Scrub

This isn't a review as the internet if filled with something we've fallen in love with in the outernet. It's more my own declaration of love. Took me ages to get my hands on these, I got the Chocolate and Ebony on Absolute Kolor, ah the owner Jane, was a mermaid, she was in prompt contact in regards to when the pomades were due back in stock and even let me know as soon as they were available. Totes loved her for that. The shop also sells the Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Palette, got me eyeing both of those up. I've seen reviews on them online & they look handy to have - anyway back to the matter at hand. The Auburn & Dark Chocolate came from Cult Beauty - as always prompt delivery (next day!).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade

I spent the last bank holiday in Manchester, my first time there and I bloody loved it. I felt so comfortable up there, it wasn't as if I even left Luton. Of course it's completely different but in terms of being relaxed & comfortable it was just easy as pie. My main reason for going to Manchester was to see Halima, duhh! Christmas came nearly 6 months early.
The street art around Manchester is in abundance, nearly everywhere you turn there's something to see.
Halima took me to a place she knew I'd love. Afflecks Palace which is an indoor market but it's so versatile, I could live in there and not come out for days. Spent money in the first store we went in, got a cool Rolling Stones denim dress (view OOTD) . Best thing about it, is even though I'm not in Manchester, I can shop online.

Of course I had a moment, trying to imagine myself licking Shannon Leto *the arms of a God* but it kind of looks more like Jared is my aim - oh, totally not a bad thing. Spoilt for choice.

Also a small store that had a lot of vinyls - VINYL LOVER! Nothing sounds better, they had first editions and limited editions of various artist and bands - John Lennon - Imagine, with a poster. OH EM GEE. Why didn't I scoop that up.
The plan was to blow glitter, instead we blew other things....confetti and bubbles. We had a photo session in the bushes and the road. Ah it was so much fun, I totally miss that day. It's so nice to just get out of the town and head somewhere else (I hate Bank Holiday's) this day ROCKED!

Missing my soul sista + family. 

Where's your fav place to just go?

Road Trip | Manchester

Cheap Monday, the brand known for it's skull motif & the skinny jeans. Ah skulls, ideal for my personality. This is my first time dipping into the Scandinavian waters of Cheap Monday but it won't be the last. In association with their launch of their new eyewear that's available in Specsavers, I've done an OOTD featuring the brand from face to thighs.

I didn't stray too far from my own personal style and BLACK!

I adore their skull motif, it's got a nice characteristic and it's memorable. The shirt is quite loose fitted, I could of got away with a size smaller as it makes me look larger on top but it's still a comfortable fit. So if you know me, I've not worn denim in like...FOREVER. 2008 I would say was the last time I put my legs into denim and felt comfortable but how could I do a Cheap Monday shop and not do denim?! I bought these shorts, which are quite high waisted - there not specified as such but they go up to my waist and have a good skinny fit.

(I probably should of pulled up my shorts some more after having my hands in my pocket - oh to not have a stylist on hand to fix these minus my little bulge)

Onto the shades, Resin Sun RX (in black) I love sunglasses + big frames so it was a no brainer for these. I just feel there's not many sunny days to invest in sunglasses but screw that taking the rockstar note and wearing shades, day - night, rain or shine but this is shine and I had to test what the lovely people at Specsavers did to my frames. Oh btw these are prescription frames. On the lenes they suggested Ultraclear which I opted for. Ultraclear is an anti-reflection and scratch resistant coating that reduces reflection on the lenses and they are harder wearing.

It's great because when there is light scatter from street lights and car headlights is reduced, giving clearer driving vision at night. BOOM! None of that light reflection, no need to take off glasses for flash photography.
On either side of the temple you can see the characteristic skull logo and on top of the left hand frame there's an inscription "OPEN YOUR 3RD EYE".

Cheap Monday Skull T-Shirt* / ASOS
Cheap Monday Shorts* / ASOS
Cheap Monday Resin Sun RX Sunglasses* / Specsavers

Cheap Monday Sunglasses + Outfit

Was love at first dress, when I clapped my eyes on this on my recent trip to Manchester, I grabbed this in a store in Afflecks and I don't normally but I tried this on in-store. My big reveal out of the changing room was dampened cos everyone had left me to get dressed HA! Though they returned and I performed and here I am performing again.

Now I'm normally a black meets black type of gal but I strayed as it's still in my type of style, it comes in 3 different sizes S - M - L. It also has an elasticated waist, which came in handy for me today.
I teamed it with a a skinny belt and an oversized silver Petrine Cross.
I saw these shoes on Instagram and once again my shoe obsession kicked in and being that there totally different to most shoes I own. It was necessary to grab these ASAP! Even though they are high (Heel height 6", Platform height 2") they are quite comfortable heel wise but I did find that the open toe bit after awhile can become a bit tight after walking for a bit.
The sunglasses are similar to those sold by RetroSuperFuture at the fraction of the cost, of course. With a cat eye shape with a gold lens rim, for glasses that are universal they fit beautifully onto my nose bridge, they don't slip or pinch! They were under £12.00 from Shop Jeen but have since sold out / become unavailable but I found a similar pair for those who are interested.


The Temple Sunglasses / Shop Jeen (unavailable) Similar Here
Rolling Stones Lip Denim Dress / Link
Kelis Pink Cleated Sole Platform Heel Shoes / Link

I've Been Hanging On The Phone

Undoubtedly timed for Summer. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection had me drooling when I first set eyes on all 6 pieces. It includes powders, gel, dry oil and a lip gloss. I prefer more of a nude, bronzed, glow make-up especially for something daily, therefore this is just up my street.
I mixed the Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel with my foundation but only for the some of the face, not all over. Used the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (deep matte) for a slight contour and more sun kissed look around my hairline and cheeks. Finished it off with the Lip Nectar.

I didn't find much of a colour with the lip gloss but it's probably my least favourite out the bunch, it became a bit drying on the lips when it started to wear off, when wearing it, it's not sticky but I just didn't like it compared to other lip glosses. It's meant to give a sheer tint to the lips alone or over lip colour. I noticed it looks to have flecks of gold through it that hits when there's light.
The range is beautiful, I'm wearing the darkest shade in the bronzing powder and it works well with my skintone and it can be built up as always to your desired look. I tested out the brilliance powder but yet to use in a look. I'm going to do a review of the dry oil & brilliance powder at a later date.

What's your favourite Summer look?

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in Honey Gold £16.00
Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder £16.00
Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face £12.00
Sun Lustre Brush £16.00
Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder £13.00
Honey Bronze Lip Nectar in Coral £9.50

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection