Cheeky Products

Ever had a smell that takes you back to a certain time, sure you have! This reminds me of my teens, thankfully, it's not the taste of my tears or sweat after P.E. but it sure does remind me of the body sprays we use to carry with us and inhale more than was probably safe. The fresh florals, zingy citrus and goji berry extracts, hit me with a young, brazen feel to my senses.
American Hot, Red Hot! You all know I love my reds as it is, this was a nice bold red. Unfortunately it didn't last as long as I had liked, roughly 3 days max & the chipping started! Fire Starter is a creamy, pigmented and buildable red, you can use it as a lip or cheek tint. I prefer it as a lip tint than cheek as red cheeks haven't quite reached my liking. This contains beeswax so not ideal for those allergic. Otherwise pick from Fire Starter or Posey Rosey if pink is more your thing.

Have you ever purchased / used any Cheeky products before?


  1. I've never tried anything from the Cheeky range, but I'm tempted as the packaging is quite cute! xx

  2. Never tried them, but that lip and cheek tint seems lovely!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist


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