Strong Brows & Lips Using Sothys MakeUp

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Here's a few more pieces from Sothys, who are a Paris based company since 1964. Sothys do not test on animals. That's right, animal cruelty free!! The two products that I have are a gloss and an eyeliner, both of which surprised me.

Sothys Gloss has to be one of the most pigmented and non sticky glosses I've come across as of late. This Radiance Gloss is available in two new shades, Glossy Prune and Bordeaux Light*, Bordeaux Light is the colour I have and used above. All this is packed in a 7.5ml bottle, it has a foam-tipped applicator.

Active Ingredients : Anti-Ageing and Anti-Pollution derived from Vitamin E, setting polymer and allantoin.

Ultra Glossy, non sticky and transparent colour that allows the colour to shine through.

Longevity after Application
This lasted on my lips roughly an hour and half before having to reapply. I had to apply it more on the centre of my lips than the outline.

Overall Thoughts
I actually really like this gloss, what I think makes me like it so much is due to the fact it's non sticky! That's important. Also the Vitamin E benefits gives me the comfort in knowing it's moisturising my lips and of course how pigmented it is.

Graphic Kohl Liner, shade noir. Of course keeping it timeless with the colour. It's the only colour available. 1.36grams it's a long black and a gold cap that fits in with the Sothys colour scheme. The actual product itself is so soft! Omg, very soft and smooth application giving a matte finish but a velvety feel.

Active Ingredients : Jojoba oil - this is what gives its soft touch but how cool is that to have that within the eyeliner, jojoba oils properties I live by. Micronized powders allow it to smooth onto the skin easily.

Longevity after Application
I used it on the inner rim of my upper eye and inbetween my lashes and liquid liner. Sometimes when I do this with other liners, my eye gets itchy, like the pencil and liquid disagree but this was soft, glides on and doesn't irritate me. I haven't used it on my waterline so I couldn't say how long it lasts on there.

Overall Thoughts
Jojoba oil, soft, easy to use and doesn't irritate me. I would say that I'm not sure if I would pay £16 for one if I'm honest. Although I don't personally get through all my make-up as it's not in everyday use I'm on the fence price wise.

The gloss shade is so rich and beautiful, that I didn't want to play anything down. I wanted something a tad dramatic but my lips and eyebrows to stand out.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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allthatslap said...

NEVER heard of this brand before...does seem a little pricey!

You look so beautiful in this pic, I love your gorgeous face *girl crush* big time

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Keyta Hawkins said...

This is a very pretty look!

- Keyta

TipPrincess Geo said...

Never heard of this brand either and I thought the products sounded pricey until I realised all of the cool ingredients they incorporate into the products. What a lovely concept :)

Jennifer from Spiced Beauty said...

You're so pretty!

sharon p said...

had never heard of them but gal u look so beautiful&flawless. love it!

Andrew James said...

i absolutely love this look on you! <3 xx

Missy Neveradullmoment said...

I have never heard of this brand before, i love this lip color though ive been rocking a plum color the past 4 months and it looks amazing on you hun

Gymbags Gladrags said...

Your skin looks flawless! Loving this lip colour and the fact that it's non-sticky... win!


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