Just 364 Days Til The Next One ....

Hope you all had a great Christmas .... my day hasn't been the best Christmas for a few personal reasons but hey ho - life doesn't change for Christmas - unfortunately but my evening has consisted of going through my Absolutely Fabulous box set ... loved seeing the Christmas special earlier too. Completed my day.

Oh btw .... look at my new banner that's being in the process of designing :

Well hello there me in digital art form (:  ... when I was contacted by Denisha of DK Designs I was literally catching flies for supper when looking at her work. Beautiful art work. I'm so excited to see the finished result...may have to use my digital face for everything now.

Dropping asleep......

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  1. Merry Christmas baby boo!!!

    And wow you in digital is AMAZING...But not as amazing as real life! xoxoxo!

  2. Love e banner that's in process, a masterpiece right there!


  4. Hi pretty! Thank you for such a lovely comment and for being so nice. I was so nervous about publishing the post, I read it over and over again for about 20 times to make sure I got it all right. I convinced myself that people would think i was a nutcase, so I drafted a "back up" post in the form of an Out of The Day. I'm glad I went with the more personal post, as I can now see that it can help other realise that they're not alone in bad situations and that everything will eventually be ok. I am *always* here to talk to if you need me, i know we dont know each other but I am always happy to help anyone or listen to someone. I wish you all the very best for the new year. Sending you positive thoughts and positive vibes. Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx


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