Besides the W7 Gel eyeliner, I've never used any other product by the brand, could I tell you anything about them? No. Which is a shame as I've got some products from them and I have to say they are not bad {well going by the products I have used up to now }

Crackle polishes have become quite big in the last year a lot of hit and misses from companies. Huge arrays of shades now available you can mix and match your favourite colours ...

So what do I have to show you ? . . .

W7 Crackle Nail Polish

Sleek MakeUP have another collection coming out just in time for Autumn/Winter 2011. Taking inspiration from the catwalk of A/W which sees us away from the in your face bold colours and something more subtle/soft and skin tone enhancing.

In the collection we see ....

Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection

I remember the first time I heard about snail gel, I cringed at the thought of just going outdoors and picking up a snail after a rainstorm and letting it roam on my face and massage the slime into my skin.

I've seen very few reviews on Snail Face Gel to be honest and I wanted to see if this age old product really does work.

De Tuinen Snail Face Gel

Sleek Pout Paints : PinUp & Peachy Keen alongside OCC Lip Tar Grandma 

Collection 2000 Cream Puff : Powder Puff & Fairy Cake

These have been my current lip combos of the last fortnight ... love love love. The first one is a custom mix and it's just a fun vibrant shade a sexy hot pink.

While the second one is nude lip great for the smokey eyes or a simple look. 

What have your lip combos been ?

Current Lip Combos

The Worshipblues Emporium  is a place of awe in my eyes.

Unique handmade pieces that are timeless ; passion & care for what the designer and sole creator has for her jewellery are shown through her shop.

When I saw the gorgeous pieces that she has taken her time to share with us I had to do a feature piece.

Look at the above necklace 1 of 2 limited edition pieces, it's mind numbing gorgeous, it looks so delicate and dainty, the black heart shaped stone with the bee alongside it ... GORGEOUS!

My dear old cow (lol) I am ever so proud of you, your blog & of course your shop they are all so easy and pleasing on my heavy made up eyes, congratulations on your shop going live!!

From her blog to her new shop they all need recognition.

Her words read like soft thoughtful poetry.

If there was any blog to recommend it would be hers & if we want to look so timeless & stylish I guarantee pieces of her jewellery is what we all need. I for one cannot wait to see more pieces and I hope to pick out something by the end of the year :

Please visit The Worship Emporium  it's a bookmarked site for sure so you never miss out on fabulous unique pieces.

The Worshipblues Emporium

Last week Monday a new cosmetic company launched called Smooch Cosmetics the range includes nail polishes, eyeliners, mascara, due eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils ... basically you've got a wide range of fabulous make-up to chose from.

I was kindly sent a few pieces to review for them :

FOTD ft Smooch Cosmetics

I love the website StyleList  so to see a little mention from them regarding the post I done on  Newspaper Nail Art was such a shock & surprise.

Thanks to them and to you as if you didn't view my post, I wouldn't get little mentions such as this so thanks.

& yay to nail art lol



My first time wearing bottom false eyelashes
Isn't it obvious lol?! I just couldn't really get to grips with having such thick long bottom eyelashes, it just seemed so weird. 

KKCenterHK bottom false eyelashes ES A188 ... these are very nice eyelashes, not for everyday use well unless that's your thing, these seem to give more of a doll like effect or in my case a sleepy effect. It reminds me of when you first start wearing false eyelashes on your upper eyelash line it's something you have to perfect and get use to.

Especially with the lashes touching my eye area, it tickled for a bit ... I think I'd have to try another set or perfect wearing lower lashes. I can't knock them as they are similar to the upper lashes that I own. It's just getting them comfortable like I said and find a look suitable to wear them. There fantastic to exaggerate a look  & have something different.

My Face : 

VS Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation - True Beige 
Fine Glitter 

Where To Buy : KKCenterHK

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

KKCenterHK Bottom Lashes Review

Last month I come across this nail design that Nicole Scherzinger had worn on the Graham Norton show in June and I fell in love with the tribal print and the green I hunted down the designer which turns out to be The Illustrated Nail . 

Nicole is wearing a custom mixed nail colour Radium by Illamasqua with a little yellow from Colour Club

I desperately wanted to do something similar, so with some nail art pens from Born Pretty that I had been sent to review, I got to work : Keep in mind it's an inspired nail look and first time using any sort of nail pens so bare with the newbie lol.

I have no Illamasqua nail polish let alone the colour Radium, next best thing for me OPI Who The Shrek Are You and the two Born Pretty nail art pens  in black & white.

I used Save The Nail Toughen Up Base Coat  and applied two coats of OPI Who The Shrek Are You

When I painted the last nail I used Save The Nail 45 Second Coat  ( side note - amazing )

You can use surgical tape or normal sellotape ( don't forget to get rid of most the stickiness off the tape before putting it on top of the nail ) but you don't need to use a straight line guide - I did - not that I manged to put them on straight lol.

Taking the black nail art pen I used one coat and continued onto the other nails ... another 45 second coat

Onto the white nail art pen, I decided to just do triangle or zig-zag ( however they appear to you ) outline instead of filling them in
( read review to find out why )

45 second coat again ... we are finished.

Born Pretty Nail Art Pen Reviews

I had a few initial incidents with the product one being that the nail art brush for the black was completely bent, I had to clean it off and put an old pair of straighteners on a low heat and press it out straight.

The white nail art pen reminded me of tipp-ex .. heavy, thick and not easy to use for what I wanted

As you can see it get thick when I tried to do lines, I decided to thin out the fluid with nail polish remover which made it very easy to use second time round
The black nail art pen was so easy to use, the white not so much which was quite disappointing. It could of just been a bad bottle but I was slightly bummed that I did have to work a lot with the products. Good for practice with nail art designs which I'm quite interested in as of late. Hoping that during time the white will thin out some more .... You can purchase them at Born Pretty Here
Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction. Please read more on this here

Born Pretty Nail Art Pen Review

This is a personal post, why? Because I am a woman. I may not have experienced domestic violence but it could happen and it has and is happening to 1 in 4 women. That's 1 in 4 of everyone of my Dolce Vanity readers who are going through this or have survived this situation. 

Since 1971 Refuge have been helping women get out of abusive relationships and I could imagine that's the hardest step of all is getting out but having a place to go to that acquires safe accommodation for women and their children is the most important thing. 

Today is the launch of 1in4women, many know the statistics that 1in8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer but people do not know that it's twice a many that are affected by domestic violence. 

Women are scared to do anything about it while in such a situation, 16% report the domestic violence to the police while others suffer in silence and it does not need to be like this. Refuge are working to empower women to give them the skills to do what's necessary to help make situations like this stop!!

1in4 is launched TODAY, please help the campaign by downloading the facebook app / tweeting / posting a status update:

You can help Refuge & Avon by ONE tweet, ONE fb status update :

In one tweet: #1in4women experience domestic violence. I’m supporting @Avon_UK & @RefugeCharity to help break the silence
In one status update: I’m supporting Refuge and Avon’s 1in4women campaign. Speak out against domestic violence and reach out to a friend who might be suffering in silence: 

It's important to help not just because it could be a family member or a friend ... women in general should just help another woman out of a situation like this.

There's several ways to help out Refuge and above is just two ways to launch awareness of 1in4


In the last 3 weeks I've acquired a few pieces. I spent 5 days cleaning out my room ... Yup 5 days and  it was mostly body products ( I did my make-up at the end of July ) I've decided to stop buying any body/bath products until everything is used up. Hard but it's not needed but that obviously doesn't count for the make-up..

Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipstick - Charged Cherry.  

Having already got the Never So Nude I decided on getting a nice red from the Ultra Rich Mega Impact Avon range

What I like about these are they are so light on the lips, not very intense but smooth and easy. Which I love you start to forget you have anything on.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

[left to right] Cotton Candy - Powder Puff - Fairy Cake - Angel Delight 

At £2.99 each these seem to be a steal. Collection 2000 when I was first getting into make-up was my brand as it was sold almost everywhere and it was affordable for the little bits that a teenager needed. I haven't purchased anything from the brand in a while and I saw these in Lisa Eldridge's latest video and saw how nice they went on and the finish looked desirable. After swatching in store, I thought "What the heck!!"

Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eye Liner - Turquoise 

I got this Colortrend Pencil Play in a sale book for £1, the colourtrend pencil play white was my first eye liner I ever purchased, I like the colour pay off it's not creamy it reminds me of an ordinary colour pencil that kind of feel but with obviously more of a colour pay off. 

Can't go wrong for £1 to get something bright & cheerful

Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner

[left to right] Graphite - Bronze- Black

I can't understand why I've seen these Liquid-Glides get such a low rating on MakeUp Ally. I have the other Glimmersticks too ( below ) They glide on beautifully, twist bottom, no sharpening fuss. It's to give the effect of a liquid eyeliner but I don't  really use pencil on my upper lid ( unless I'm doing a very smokey eye), so I have purposely brought these for the waterline/lower lash line to smudge or a clean look.

Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner

[left to right] Black Flash - Colbat

Looking for the SuperShock gel eye pencils I couldn't seem to find them so I decided to get these Mega Impact Gel Pencils. I've used the Colbat and it reminds me of the SuperShock, it glides with ease, it stays put and the blue alongside my grey contacts just made them stand out last week. I had a lot of compliments. Not bad for a 'Guess it'll do' buy. 

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner
[left to right] Majestic Plum - Starry Night Blue - Blackest Black

Like I said previously* I've had these for awhile, didn't use them until I needed to hold back on using my SuperShock until I got a second pencil. Well after using the Blackest Black I got so use to using the Gel it felt weird reverting but the Glimmersticks aren't bad as you can see I've used all 3 and there nice for a different lower eye colour quick smudge and waterline *thumbs up*

As you can see I got a few products left, Save The Nail, MeMeMe Cosmetics & there's even the odd face products I've been sent alongside a travel manicure set.... To be continued...

In the meantime, have you tried ANY of these ? If so let me hear your views :o) 

New DV lovers welcome & don't be shy.

Peace & Love.

August 2011 Haul

This tutorial has been floating around for a lonnnnng time now, 
I wasn't the first and I certainly won't be the last.
I decided to try my hand at this for the first time ;
 I am pleased with the results so I decided to share with you dahhlings too.

Tutorial : Half Moon

Sleek MakeUP are launching their own highly pigmented mixable or wear alone Pout Paints.
I previously posted about this after Mz More had posted her own about them. These are going to be compared to OCC Lip Tar and while there's comparisons you can also weigh up the pros and cons ...

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints