Requested : Eyeliner Tutorial

I was asked to do a tutorial on eyeliner. 
So I thought while I was doing my FOTD I would kill two birds with one stone.

My weapon of choice as of late has been liquid eyeliner these two in particular ...

Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16hr & Rimmel London Glam'Eyes 

I love these two due to the very thin applicator, the Rimmel is a lot more thinner out of the two.
The thinner brushes make it so easy for me to build up on what I want.

 I use to be a gel lady but after being introduced to a few new liquid eyeliner's I have never used before .. I've reverted back. Today I used the Rimmel Glam'eyes :

Start off with a thin rough line just above the upper eyelashes ; doesn't have to be perfect as we will be going back over it.
Where our eyelashes stop, imagine if they was to continue upwards, draw a straight line, you can keep it short, past the crease or even further up towards the brow bone ... choice is yours :o)
From the tip of that line go down half way onto our rough line, try and keep it straight but we will be going over it but this is where we are going to need a surgeon hand of sorts.
Fill it in and go back over that line but don't go thicker as you go inwards you always want it to stay very faint going towards your eye duct. You can build it up to how thick you want the tail etc ... practice makes perfect 

I hope that it helps those of you who have requested for me to do this 
and that you kind of get the jist of what on earth I am doing lol.

Peace & Love

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