Born Pretty Cracking Nail Polish

I have another nail art product today from Born Pretty. Cracking Nail Polishes in the last year have been everywhere. Nearly every company you could think of have extended their brand with crackle nail polish.

I decided to test it out alongside two others I currently own :

  • Barry M one seemed to let me down upon application ... it looked more chipped and grungy than normally and it chipped my nail polish underneath - odd.

  • Born Pretty's own nail crackle seemed to give me more of the appearance I was looking for.

  • MUA - Makeup Acadamy cracked a lot bigger and blocked.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Price : £3.99 ( on middle finger )

Born Pretty Nail Crackling Price : £3.40 ( on index finger )

MUA Nail Quake Price : £2.99 ( on the ring finger )

The chosen colour is black ( I quite wish I decided on another colour now )

After I applied ELF White nail polish : - which was not fully dry at the time & please excuse the messy application. I applied the nail crackle which instantly started to crack and set matte (& quite greyish until a top coat was applied to bring out the black ) that help to set the underneath polish also. It's a fast drying top coat design. 

The above design I coated it twice. ... The more I applied I got smaller cracks in the nail art.

To purchase please visit Born Pretty for this & more nail art products : here
& don't forget to use the 10% discount code at the checkout : LMJ61

Do you own or like cracking nail polish ?

Disclosure : This product was sent to me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
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_5 comments

  1. LOVING ths black and white!!!

  2. I love crackling nail polish...but I love those!

  3. I love the third photo! If my nails were long enough, I would definitely start using them :(

  4. @The Nerd... I only started growing my nails at the start of the year, well properly to gain strength and length. It's work but I adore having long nails.

  5. I was looking to buy one!
    Love god and black design! xxx


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