What I Wore Yesterday

Photo above edited by me

Dress : Primark
Earrings : H&M

I was meant to do this yesterday but my day got extremely hectic so I'm doing this now before it starts to get that way again lol.

I got this dress in Primark last week, it's not a colour I would go for normally but I liked how it fitted and how the colour was different from what I go for. I loved the belt, it's above knee length - two layered bottom half the top half of the skirt is sheer.

Feel like a 50's housewife. 

Peace & Love


  1. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

    These colours suit you so well x

  2. I love it... The colour looks gorgeous on you!


  3. which one is more the real color? pic 1 or pic 2?

  4. Thanks ladies xoxo

    Oh sorry @Bombchell I should have made it clear the 2nd photo is true to life. I edited the above one. I edited the post now with a note :o)

  5. u look absolutey gorgeous honey,loveeeeee the dress

  6. I'm a sucker for dresses with belts, It gives it chic look. The color is very pretty. I like :)

  7. This dress is gorgeous! Suits you ever so much x


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