Kim Kardashian Neon Lights

She's a style icon for many but not so much for me (I personally feel like her "star" is fading) but when I spotted this dress and the shoes the neon and the indigo fit in my eyes.

I love the shoes ♥ & dress ... I'm on the hunt for a dupe it looks so nice and light for summer .. well if this summer is going to stay in the UK that is.

What do you think ?
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  1. i feel like her star is fading too! she seems boring...especially reading fellow zaras post on when she met her... what a shame.. xxx

  2. @TzeYien89 She was never my favourite out the sisters - her fame just seems to of gone to her head and you can tell watching the shows.

    For her siblings to make remarks on her behaviour and attitude - doesn't it say something *shrugs*



  3. OMG I love her dress!!! I love Kim!

  4. absolutly freeaking gorgeous but jeez her man is a giant!

  5. I think Kim is very pretty, I like the color of the dress not so much the style. But I would rob her shoes if I were to bump into her in NYC Lol Those shoes are just beautiful!

  6. i loooove this outfit, dress, glasses, shoes....fab to me :D


  7. awwww she looks amazing,love her style

  8. I usually think she looks the same all the time but this is hot, very different for her. Love it!


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