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My Culture Is Not A Trend .... ?


( Source : tumblr // Edited : by me )

I came across a blog today that had a photograph of themselves wearing Native American headdress and I noticed it caused a conflict of opinions regarding the choice of wearing the headdress.

A few people took offence to this person wearing the headdress as they are using it as a fashion accessory when it has a lot more meaning and prestige than what they felt the person knows or has the right to even dare to wear the headdress.

Even though the person did not mean it to offend anyone as it was used as an expression of their dedication towards Native Americans -presented as a tribute.

Where I could see both parties views it did get me thinking & after researching this in the morning I've noticed it's quite a topic -- is it wrong for someone who is not apart of a culture or knows the in depth history of why certain clothes, jewellery, hair or headdresses are worn ?

I guess fashion / make-up in a whole is controversial and ground breaking as a whole.

Is it....
Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?