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July Challenge

My last ( blogged) monthly challenge I did fantastic even if I say so myself - the last one I did I actually didn't blog about but I went without wearing make-up for a while which I loved.

So July, your challenge is .....

Get Fit

This won't be the first time I've done Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I did it back in November / December when I had to get into a dress lol!

I'm looking to get down from a UK14 / 16 back to my dress size that I was in 2008 UK12 but most importantly... Healthy living.

I did yoga from the age of 13 after a physio recommended it after I got a knee injury and I kept up with it until I was 17.

After recently introducing pilates into my life ... I'd love to combine that with the yoga and I've heard quite good things about Yoga Meltdown from devoted yoga lovers.

If I can brave this and make it through until July 31st ... I hope to share before & after pictures / measurements.

Keep in mind the last thing I want to become is a lollipop head .