Aoi Kotsuhiroi - Exotic Regrets

Colorless Murder Feet Objects - £2,130.00

I only tie up a woman's body because I know I cannot tie up her heart.

Only her physical parts can be tied up. Tying up a woman becomes an embrace.

- Nobuyoshi Araki

The Designer :

Aoi is based in France. She studied at Fine Arts School. Her collections are produced in France - View her website here

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I've honestly just fell in love with the unknown. They are just so wow to me, I wouldn't be able to ever walk in them, let alone justify paying the amount for basically something that will become an ornament but who says that I can't marvel at them. There crazy right !?!

Peace & Love
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  1. love them all,but i agree i wouldnt even attempt to wear them lol

  2. Ugh love them so beautiful to look at!

  3. @Sher Yes they look like a certified trip to A&E if you even lose slight balance lol.

    @NRC♥ They are killer.

    Thanks for the comments ladies


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