Newspaper Nail Art

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I hope you like & try it out for yourself ..... Quite fun, cheap & different.

What You Need : -

Rubbing Alcohol
Base Coat
Nail Polish ( White / Light Grey / Grey )
Top Coat
Newspaper Clippings
- Possibly nail polish remover.

Step by Step : -

1. On clean nails apply your base coat
2. Once dry - apply your chosen colour
3. Wait for it to dry.....
4. Pouring some rubbing alcohol into the lid, dip your nail into the lid
5. Apply the newspaper clipping, applying light pressure onto the nail
6. Gently peel off
7. If you have some of the ink that's now come off onto the skin around the nail, use a cotton bud & some remover to tidy up.
8. Admire your work

First print : -

Finished Product : -


Almeida said...

How cool :D

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Thanks honey @Almeida

Sher said...

sounds great,thanx for sharing i need to try this. I love ur nails hun

Mz. More said...

I've seen this a few times and love it. Looks great how you paired it with grey!

Arlin said...

That's so cool... seem so simple but also very artistic. I'm going to defiantly have to try that out. Awesome tip.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Thanks ladies :o)

socialitedreams said...

haha, that's so freaking cool! who'd have thought?


Stephanie said...

this is awesome omg! i'm definately going to try this. great post!

mw said...

this is cute, i might try it ;)

Just Daisy said...



NinyaBella said...

Wow they came out great! And may I say I am jealous of how long and pretty your nails are. :)

Saimese said...

The length of your nails is amazing here!

danishenanigans said...

Do you know if you can do this with a regular book? I wanna do it but I want specific words! :D Great post!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

@danishenanigans I would say you should try, I was thinking to do that myself, just couldn't tear a page out of book lol.

It's all ink so it should transfer.

inanutshell said...

That looks amazing!! Really innovative. I'm inspired !

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