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I've not had much time this week to really 'do a face' so I've had to be looking for quick 5-10 minute looks. I decided as I didn't have much time to mess around with the eyes, I kept them simple with varied sized winged eyeliner & bold lips.

I've had a lip team of Barry M & AVON.

You all know I love red lips. As of late I've been loving pink lips too. My latest lip combo is :

Barry M Vibrant Pink & AVON Glazewear Extreme Pale Pink Shine
Barry M Pillar Box & AVON Smooth Velvet Lip Colour Sassy

Do You Have A Favourite Lip Combo At The Moment ? Please Share :

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  1. both look marvelous on you! I really like the creamy richness of the colors, will have to try some avon! who knew?


  2. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    What are them Avon glosses like babe?


  3. @Jo I absolutely love the glosses to be honest especially the glazewear.

    The smooth velvet are great by themselves as they are like a lipstick but I like to put it over lipstick to just have a little bit more. I do find that it can start to gather up after awhile but I get that with most glosses etc

  4. I've been wearing the shit out of Revlon's Minx recently, I love it.

  5. love the red lips.xx

  6. well looks good on you. i wish we have Barry M here

  7. gorgeous! I love the pink lippie!

  8. love the first lippie & your hair in it too! So glad you're putting away the straightener - I've been trying to reduce my straightener usage too.

  9. You look so classic with a red lip. Usally my ten minute go to as well. Your eyebrows are gorgeouss love them!


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