EOTD : Cutting That Crease !

Today I attempted to do a cut crease !!!

I'm talking that deep dark cut crease that makes somebody go damn, you cut that crease like a pro'.

So first attempt I cut that crease like an amateur but truth be told, I am when it comes to cut creasing.

I've had the Sleek Acid palette from when it was first released as a limited edition palette and staring at the colours I was taken a back to what I was going to do with the shades.

What I love about Sleek palettes are they do combine colours that are all usable with each other along with the high pigmentation they are workable.

I took the challenge today.

& yes this is what come about. I didn't apply any false lashes, now I'm thinking 'maybe I should of gone the whole hog ' Yet for a first attempt I'm pleased with myself & as the classic & truthful saying goes : practice makes perfect !

Products Used:

Sleek Acid Palette
Sleek Gel Eyeliner - Dominatrix
AVON Supershock mascara

Feedback is more than welcome & tips on creasing if you have any ?!

Do you cut the crease like a pro ?

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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum! you crease like a pro!!

    So happy to see a post from you today. Love this look. I wish I could rock brights like this.

  2. This is a pretty cut crease look. You did a great job and the colours go well together. I believe QueenofBlending via YouTube does the best cut crease looks in my opinion, you can always check her out, if you haven't already!

    I love it.

  3. That looks hot! love the colors together!

  4. Thank you ladies. I feel so warm from the response. mwah love you lovelies.

  5. Damn girl thats good!!! And only a first attempt too, cannot wait to see more. You should do a picture tutorial!


  6. GOrgeous look. Love the colors.

  7. "I'm talking that deep dark cut crease that makes somebody go damn, you cut that crease like a pro'" That totally made me LOL.

    I love the colours you used, and you did a pretty good job!

    I like to use an angled brush or an eyeliner brush to create a crisp line. I've also heard the tip of using a pencil eyeliner as well.

  8. @Jo, :o) yay thanks honey, I'll be sure to do one asap.

    @Jasmin, thanks me too. such a great palette to have.

    @Hannah, haha woooo x

    @Arezu, lol sometimes I love to type the crap out my head, glad I made you laugh.
    Thank you for the compliment. Yeah I used a angled brush myself today duhh never know why I didn't think of that before, I always struggled previously using a crease brush *embarrassed face* Ooo great tip thanks lovely.

  9. Oooooohhh I love this look!!! super fierce!

  10. Wow that looks amazing!! I'm a new follower by the way :)

    Love Sriya


  11. @Jennifer thanks lovely :)

    @Meya wooo thanks!

    @ LipglossAndLeopardPrint. Hey thank you and welcome really appreciate the following.

  12. Old Cow has a point, you cut crease like a pro, love the colours on you too =D

  13. Anonymous10/1/11

    good start


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