Good Things “ Stop That Spot ! ” Review

The Blurbs :
This brilliant anti-bacterial gel contains active extracts of willow bark, liquorice, papaya and acai to help tackle unwanted breakouts.

I've had this for near enough a month. Used it on various 'spots' that have appeared !
Yet last Wednesday I had a spot appear, right in my smile line within hours this painful red horrid creature appeared.

So I took this out and applied this after cleaning my face with my Liz Earle skincare routine . I was so tired I never bothered to take a picture just jumped into bed but in the morning I was so amazed, how quickly it went down, the redness was very mild and by Friday the spot had disappeared completely.

I found it does work better with spots that have a head on, which I don't get very often. Yet this is such a handy treatment gel to have IMO for my spots.

It smells sweet and it has a clear gel that comes out of a small nozzle and you don't need to apply a lot.

Directions :
Wash the affected area, preferably with STAY CLEAR cleanser, then dab on a little STOP THAT SPOT! gel. After that, leave well alone !

Price : £4.99
Available From : Boots

Hey new followers & old :o), I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while, hectic last couple of weeks. Got the last few days of the giveaway left, so get yourself entered.

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  1. This has really helped my skin, i swear by it and it has a really nice smell.:)

  2. Must try these! I am using those spot patches that you can get on Ebay from Hong Kong? They suck out all the shit and leave a dehydrated bump that just flakes off!! Serious!!

  3. Oooooooo this is very interesting, great to always have in the bathroom cuboard. :)


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