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Fur Lined Boots

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Fur lined boots are available in a range of styles and brands this season. The aviator style is one that's all over the high street shops & designer brands ! I've been looking for some affordable fur lined boots. Some that I liked didn't have any grips and for me that's important especially as this weather changes as quickly as my moods.

I found these in Matalan...

They are comfortable, easy enough to wear all day shopping or just to pop on to go out during the day. The fur goes all through the shoe but it starts to thin out going towards the toe. Unless you put your hand in there you wouldn't know as you have socks on.

They have a zip on the side of the shoe to make sure that your secure and supported.

Love them as they have grips YAY ! Wearing them out in the rain all day yesterday was a good way to test them out going from inside and outside of the shopping centre. A great deal of time when I'm wearing heels and I'm out shopping I'm worried about well dropping on my backside but these do give good support.

Quite chuffed with my recent purchase.

Purchase From : Matalan (in store / online )
Price :£26.00

Have You Got Your Winter Boots Yet ? Are You Feeling

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LaaLaa x Dom & Ink


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  1. Those shoes look good. by looking at them, u can tell their comfy.

  2. Cute boots! THey look comfy too.

  3. GORGEOUS BOOTIES! I also like that BELLS bottle!

  4. @Old Cow lol I will be absolutely devastated if it ever smashed. Oh my goodness.

  5. I know its all about the boots but your wallpaper is equally as delicious! =D

  6. wow, I love your boots! I still haven`t found my winter boots yet.xx