EOTD : Made Of Copper

Needing to take back my blog to how it use to be, I took the opportunity today and did an EOTD. Using the Sleek Safari palette, I created this look.

The last two are taking outside as you can see by my frowning eyebrow lol.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sleek Safari Palette
Barry M Eye Crayon ( Black)
W7 Gel Eyeliner (Black)
False Eyelashes (Ebay)

I used (1) on the lower lid and (2) in the crease while blending it upwards towards my brow bone. Taking (3) I used it on my outer v & into the crease while (4) as the highlight. Taking (1) underneath my lower lash line. Using Barry M eye crayon in soft black I lined my waterline & taking  W7 gel eyeliner in black I winged out my eyeliner and applied false eyelashes purchased off Ebay.


  1. that's really gorgeous :) I have that sleek palette and love it (i think it's the same one) You made a stunning look that I'd want to recreate, good job!


  2. @socialitedreams aww thanks sweetheart. I appreciate the love. I'd love to see the re-creation :)

  3. what a beautiful palette! you used well ma dear ;)

  4. Beautiful and perfect for Fall!

  5. where'd you get this blogger template from? i love it...and the makeup is beautiful as always.

  6. very pretty ! <3

  7. @Vanessa M. thanks babes.

    @Mz. More :) thanks, yeah trying to get into my fall looks.

    @adina renée. I got it from www.nymfont.com & just modified it slightly.

    @Jennier thanks honey.

    @mw :) thanks xo


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