FOTD : There’s No Smoke Without Fire

This is my first makeup look for this new site. I'm a huge lover of the smokey eye look so there's no surprise to what my first post was going to be on.

I'm definitely NOT a big fan of the Smashbox Eyelid Primer. I'd only applied my eyeshadow an hour or so before I took this picture but my eye makeup started to crease. I would of put it down to the fact that my room is quite humid but this is the second time in using this & the first time was pretty cold, but I will continue to use it but the cons so far are out weighing any pros that I could come up with.

This Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss comes with a brush applicator , I find it quite sticky but it's a nice slight shimmer nude colour on my lips
[ I tend to apply pure vitamin oil over the top to get more of a shine ]

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation 075 Golden
MAC Mineralize Sheersheen Powder Sheerbronze
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Onyx New York False Eyelashes //DUO Lash Adhesive
Mineralissima Flirt Blusher & Blush Blusher
Avon Invisible Light Concealer - Medium
Avon Pro Brow Enhancer - Dark Brown
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon No.1
Rimmel Special Eyes - Black Magic
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara - Extreme Black
L'Oréal Telescopic - Carbon Black
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
Sleek Storm Palette
Bobbi Brown LipGloss - Sandy Beige
MAC Cult Of Cherry Spiced Chocolate Quad - Nano Gold



  2. whistles* check u out hot stuff w/sexy makeup and sexy dress on...hollah!

  3. *blushes* Oh thanks Katrina got me all over here with hot flushes lmao!!


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