EOTD : 3D Disco Silver

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let me say thank you to everyone who contact me via email (Nick; your's was the BEST)/ twitter / facebook & blogger to wish me a happy birthday; I had a fun day.

Products Used:

Scandalous Eyeshadow Base
Barry M Shimmering Eye Pencil - White
MAC Pigment - Polished Ivory
MAC Eyeshadow - Sketch
MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon
Smashbox Gel Eyeliner - Midnight Black
Avon Colour Trend White Eyeliner
Onyx Fale Lashes (EBAY)

19 Comments so far

  1. Interesting look! So nice for a night out. :D

  2. aww... glad you appreciated it, hope you had lots of fun?

  3. I did, subtle but fun; can never go wrong with having a simple day and loads of laughter =)

  4. This is beautiful!! I miss you!!!!

  5. I like this look and your hair looks fab! ;)

  6. get it girl! this look is super hot!! imma do this for going out to the club lol i hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! :)

  7. La La! You look soo gorgeous!!! I love the glitterrrr!!! <3

    I love it - I want that look for me!
    My fav of yours thus far!

  9. woah shiny disco ball indeed! love the glitter. this is one look i'm afraid i can't pull off :(

  10. I love it, but that glitter would in my eyes ALLL DAY!! Looks good on you though :)

  11. ohhh la laaaaa sexiii!! haha (oh LALAAA with your name in it too!) lol love this disco lookkk very sparkly and sexii!! xoxo


  12. amazingg hunni!

    discoballl!!! lol@ ur comments u left!! joka!

    tht pizza was too damn gd!!!:P

    much lovessss sexyy!!


  13. nice one babe!

    i dnt know how to use twitter very well hahaha!!

    add me on facebook too!!

    search rubey lalia

  14. Happy Belated b-DAY!!
    Great look.. cant believe how you managed to make the glitter stay in one place!! x

  15. aww thank you Tali <3 xo

    -Rubey your just a barrel of laughs lol xo

  16. That look is HOT!!! Girl, where can you buy Barry M products?? Ive been trying to find them everywhere, I always heard great things!


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