Kim Kardashian Gold'N'Brown

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Huge difference in faces but you know it was just an inspired eyes look; I added a lil bit of brown in the crease because I wanted abit more. But I like this look on Kim it's different, plus I just love Goldmine eyeshadow, just love golds and bronzes period.


  • I've been feeling really bummed out in the last week now been trying not to let alot get to me but it's hard not too when you feel people just take advantage and are just I don't know but whatever lol, so thats also a reason for the lack of posts..when you feel bummed you got no energy blah.

  • Don't forget to keep voting; get others to vote; others to join in on the contest.The new post will go up Monday to announce what category has won..there's still until Friday to change the votes. I've finalized on just A Winner and One Runner-up as I'm doing another contest too, but Monday shall come and the post will explain everything!! Hope your entering...

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    MAC E/S Goldmine
    MAC E/S Espresso
    Smashbox Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner
    Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascra
    False Eyelashes (EBay)
    Sally Hanson Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment -Citrine
    ELF Cosemtics Lip Plumping Gloss - Champange

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    1. WOW!! nice inspiration look... amazing job!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!! i like how u line ur eyes tooo.. how do u like the smashbox gel liner? have u tried mac? any comparison? ive read the reviews from them n i heard MAC is better... but let me kno wut u think! cuz i need a new n better gel liner =) xoxo


    2. Girl you are really rocking this look! I like your version better. And your lips are so gorgeous!!

      I love your piercing. :)

    3. Oooh I'm saving this picture of her. lol

      Love your version! The brown deepens the look.

    4. Oooh girl! You have got some serious skills! Absolutely amazing!!!

    5. I think yours is better. You look beautiful!

    6. i really like this look im gonna use it for when i go out thanks! browns and golds look real nice together. i honestly like your version better - stands out more. you got the cat eye spot on.

    7. aww I'm so glad that you like =)
      yeah i needed it to pop abit more abit bland just one colour. x

    8. WOW you did a fantastic job girl and your rockin it! I like your version better to!

    9. love the look ! ! ! you look fab as always !

    10. Your version is way better..her eyeliner is a bit wonky! Yours is so smooth and then smokey on the outer corners.. oh god i wish i could blend like you!!

    11. Love the inspired look...very similar..I love it!! U look better than kim k!!

    12. great look, yet again. luv your blending, your so neat and precise. BTW what camera do you use? ;)

    13. wow girl! great job! the eye makeup looks almost the same :D I like yours better though.. more depth and smokeyness to it :)

    14. Gorgeoussss! I like your look better than Kim's!

    15. U got it on point! Love the gold u used.. gorgeousss!

    16. I love this look on you. Your look is definitely way better than Kim's! =]

    17. So pretty, I love the way you did your liner!

    18. you make yo eye loo so sexy

    19. i love the look. you did a good job putting your liner.. i had hard time to do it haha..

      i'm following your blog btw


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