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EOTD : Smokey Blue, Hint Of Green



what can I say I got carried away lol.

On Sunday I ordered three StarGazer Loose Eye Powders, just to expand and try something new out. I love them, I'm so happy with the choices that I got. All three shades are blue but there's one I've totally fallen in love with.


(from left to right)
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #2
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #37
StarGazer Loose Eye Powder #35

#2 is my favourite I love the metallic look it gives off. So I decided to play around with them today and my sleek i-divine palette.....

this is what I got...

Both Eyes :

Close-Up's :

It's a real nice colour, depending on your lighting aswell,
the light can hit it and really make it shine.
F.Y.I - I was having so much issue with my false lashes today,
they were just not wanting to stick to me.

-you can see the olive around the edges a little better in these photos;

-see my lash issue in the first image.