TheVeganKind #44

TVK June's box is all to prepare us to be Summer ready in our tummy. There's some new discoveries that TVK found and some high favourites featured. As always there is a recipe card included and Ellie from @kindstateofmind on IG, has shared her recipe for Vegan Pizza Buns 🍕 . As always 10p to every jUNE box that is sold goes towards a charity/campaign this month it is HART Wildlife Rescue.

This months box has 6 items of food to discover & indulge:

Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee.
Chewy chocolate with a crunch that makes you want more. Hand-made in Kent to a recipe that has been within the family for over 50 years, this is their newest edition that was voted in by their Groupie Groupies (okay I love that lol) on social media. After TVK shared this in their LE Easter Box - it's now being shared to us all in the lifestyle box.

Metcalfe's Sweet and Salt Skinny Popcorn.
Who doesn't love popcorn, no matter what time of year it is? But popcorn in Summer is ideal as it's light and can be a healthy snack! I love sweet and salted popcorn so seeing this is love.

Bounce Foods VLife High Protein Ball.
Nutritious, balanced and convenient snacks. Within the box there's 1 of 5 new flavours to try. I received Cashew Peanut. Mmm 'Deez Nuts'. Chewy protein, fat and carbs mix that are meant to help you keep going.

Chewsy Chewing Gum.
This is the only 100% natural and sugar free chewing gum in the UK and it's only made with 5 natural ingredients. Ruling out aspartame, artificial flavours or sweeteners, preservatives or plastic gum base. Chewsy Gum is gluten, soy, dairy free & non-GMO! This gum is totally biodegradable and makes it better for the plant! With three flavours available - Peppermint, Lemon and Spearmint - I got the lemon flavour.

Sunsoul Raspberry and Elderflower 100% Natural Energy Drink.
Using ingredients found in nature it delivers the boost we need to feel our best. This drink delivers the alertness and mental energy we need without refined sugar and calories - the only sugar found is from the fruit. It's formulated with guarana, baobab and kola nut to give prolonged energy!

Harpers Candles Cut Grass Candle.
Just as I'm finishing off burning my Harpers candles - yes even heading towards Summer, candles are still being burnt - and what? They smell undeniably good. This scent is surely going to make us think of lazing around in a freshly cut park, picnics and just good ol' Summertime fun!

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