For those who have followed me for many years, you'll know I love a red lipstick. There's something bold, powerful, attractive, animalistic, daring and classic beauty about the shade red.

Many of us can put our make-up on & go about our daily doings, but for others it's our mask. You've got up, done your hair and make-up, ready to slay and take on the world...so it seems. We appear fine, yeah everything is okay! I look well put together to the outside world - but inside - I wish I felt as beautiful as my red vibrant lips. I wish I stood and could be everything that this bold red lip says to others. Somedays I can be, others day it's the biggest struggle I face that day, just to push on. Even though I'm a talker when it comes to things I face, I'm often told sometimes to just put my face on and I will feel better - to a degree, it gives me something to do and if I'm lucky I don't feel as bad as I did but there's still pain. Pain that makeup cannot take away or anyone else. It does start from us working from within.

When I came across the email from Jenny, there was this wave of familiarity. The topic being depression but what hit harder was Jenny told me how her daughter Lucy, committed suicide on 5th May 2012 at the age of 22. Unfortunately the family didn't know about her depression, which of course left them even more devastated. Although when it comes to depression & anxiety for many it's not easy to speak upon. I understand not everyone is like me when it comes to those subjects but I speak to encourage others like Lucy who feel they can't speak about it to be able to confide. In the wake of Lucy's passing her mother started the Lucy Rayner Foundation in October 2012 and it gained charity status in 2013. The main objective of the charity is to give a voice to every person within the UK who is suffering with a mental health issue & to raise awareness of the mental and physical suffering from depression in particularly but not exclusively young people.

There are so many reasons as to why, people aged between 20 - 34 are on the rise with taking their own lives. Social media can be a powerful but damaging tool. With the social pressures we face as young adults, there's also other traumatic events that can occur that can lead to people feeling less than and worthless. Even as I write this I daily fight and face my own demons. It's not easy but speaking about it can help some - I'm proof of that. Sometimes life can feel as though it's a heavy burden due to personal problems but just like the quote says 'Life is what you make it!' - this is true. We all have choices and whatever choices we make, we shouldn't feel alone in them. Lucy loved to wear red lipstick and that's why I've mentioned a little regarding the shade in the post. It was too, her signature lip colour and baby girl, it suited you perfectly.

“Lucy had a vibrant personality and loved wearing red lipstick. She was always on Facebook, so it seemed appropriate to combine these two things to create a fun, lighthearted campaign, but with an underlying serious and important message. All donations raised will go towards setting up more coffee shops Nationwide providing a relaxed and welcoming place for people to talk about their feelings.”

Here's how you can get involved:

KISS OFF DEPRESSION is a Facebook campaign which leverages the popularity of social media to drive awareness of mental health, eradicate the stigma surrounding it and get people talking more about their mental health and feelings.

1. Put your red lipstick on
2. Take a selfie and post it on your Facebook page
3. Donate £2 to the Lucy Rayner Foundation by texting KISS05 to 70070
4 Nominate your friends to do the same.
5. Video and Do the KISS OFF DEPRESSION gesture

Join in the campaign on social media with the hashtag: #kissoffdepression

Top Tips to help someone with depression

Top tips from Jenny Rayner, mum to Lucy and Founder of the Lucy Rayner Foundation on what to do if you worried that a friend or loved one may be suffering from depression:
▶ Let them know that they are not alone
▶ Invite them for a coffee and catch up
▶ Ask open questions like ‘How are you feeling today? What can I do to help?
▶ If they don’t want to talk, let them know that you are always there when they do
▶ Share information about yourself and what you have been up to
▶ Offer to go with them to the doctors if that is appropriate
▶ Follow up with regular calls and meet ups
▶ Let them know you love them

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