Brush Works - Multi-Tasking Brush & Complexion Sponge.

Brush or sponge? It's all down to preference. I like to use either or both in a look. I've been using the Brush Works Multi-Tasking Brush £6.99 & Complexion Sponge £4.99 for a little bit.

The Multi-tasking brush is pretty dense and soft, amazing to work with liquids, creams and even powder. Because of their dense fibres it makes it easy to blend out these products into the skin for a more clean and seamless finish. I find it works extremely well with using creams, so for blending out my foundation or cream contour. As it's not a large brush it allows me to concentrate on areas.

A complexion sponge, I can't do without, I think every woman into make-up should at least own one. It allows you to use it wet or dry, the sponge is designed so it absorbs less water and of course then less foundation, so you're not losing product. These can be used for, liquid / cream products, foundation, blush,'s a good way to blend in your concealer, I keep a few around to blend out my colour correction, concealer and then foundation, I don't find it 'moves product'. I like to always have one and sometimes even after using a brush just go over the face to make sure that everything is pressed in. I know some have issues with 'streaky' appearances using certain foundation brushes and maybe a sponge is a better alternative to use.

These brushes are very affordable, I experienced zero shedding with the multi-task brush, it's been washed after each use and it's kept its shape, softness and bristles. Being my first time using Brush Works, I was pretty impressed.

Have you tried products from Brush Works before?

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