Chilling With No Make-Up On...A Night In.

We all have nights in, but not all the time do we have nights in where we make it all about doing something for yourself and indulging. Some find it boring, others enjoy it because it makes them feel good. I can fall in the middle, it can be tedious lol but it can also make me feel good that I've sunk into my secret, single behaviour. Yes, those things we do, that we possibly couldn't do if we have a SO around, I mean we could and I probably would but for the most part I guess it takes away the mystery. It also includes not giving a rats ass what anyone else is doing, if you suffer from FOMO you'll never be able to do the perfect night in. I'm recovering from a bad chest infection, flu & laryngitis (which everyone's finding ha-larious, me too sometimes, laughing with no sound; I may have a career as a mime...) so what better time then never to have a pamper night!! These night in's don't have to be drawn out for hours, can give yourself about 3-4 hours or less me time and still be happy.

Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on,
Basically get un-ready. I like to do half of my face routine, I take off my face with this Alorée Fresh Micellar Water Purifier, it takes off my make-up effortlessly, skin doesn't feel dry afterwards just wish it was more accessible, cleanse and end with a multi-mask before moving onto the next step. Mint Julep Masque for my oily parts (t-zone & cheeks) Black peeling mask (nose; budget and effective) Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores (elsewhere)

Polish & Moisturise.
When I don't have to do anything for a few, it's the opportunity to do the nails, as I'm still in my current nude/natural nail phase Essie Limo-scene is applied onto my nails, once my nails are dry which takes less than 20 minutes, I apply Champneys As Good As New - Harmonious Hands Restoring Hand & Nail Cream SPF 15, okay let me tell you why this is a straight given, it's got SPF in it, if there's one part of our body we forget daily with sun exposure, it's our hands. So finding one with SPF in, is important to prevent any sun damage. It comes in a screw top tube, I pretty like that. It absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a wet or heavy residue and has a mild soothing scent to it, nothing overpowering. It contains chamomile, orange, mandarin and vitamins A, C,E & B5 - where can I go wrong. I've even lathered up my hands and popped on moisturising gloves for the moisturiser to heat slightly and penetrate deeper into the skin.

Write it down!
Take 10. Switch off electronics & jot down what's on my mind, feeling to aim for some new goals, get something off the mind for me it's better to write it down as it gives me something to look back on and tick off. Also getting some feelings and thoughts out, reflect for self improvement.

Prune it up!!
As always a top tip, a 15 - 20 min bubble bath. Set the mood, playlist, candles if you want, by now I would of removed my multi-masks. I like to take this time to do a exfoliating body scrub using a cloth, gets rid of all the dead skin, I never knew I had sitting there, it's gross but so satisfying when the skin feels illegally smooth. Once out, I've been using this Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle, upon body heat, it melts in the hand but I don't find it to be greasy it fairs well with getting rid of dryness. The smell is fruity, the mood – enhancing products will renew and restore from the inside out although the scent doesn't linger on the skin but I find that it doesn't do a bad job of keeping the skin moisturised. It can't be faulted. They are the perfect products when you need a Champneys spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The products allow me to feel fully transformed and renew me from skin to soul.

Comfort Eating, never killed nobody!
Well besides Drew Barrymore in Scream, her night in with the popcorn on the fire, wasn't ideal but hey what's a night in without some food to indulge in. Cliché eating ice-cream from the tub, !!!nothing!!! says night in like lounging & eating out the tub, popcorn and crisps. I've been loving these Burts lentil waves available from Waitrose, I was sent these at the start of the year and they're worth the half hour Waitrose trip -Baleedat. I mixed them into a tupperware - easier to pop a lid on and stop them going stale - and snacked on the lightly salted, sour cream & chive and thai sweet chilli, those are my favs, oh my, you get such a nice kick as you eat those. Light and delicious.

Cry, Laugh or Jump?
With so much to watch on Netflix, your sure to discover something old & something new and maybe something borrowed if you're bumming the account off someone - I'm not, just to make it clear J. Absolutely Fabulous, which is great for 90s nostalgia and their AbFab film is coming out this Summer, on one of the forums I frequent they mentioned a thriller called "Hush" a scream queen with no voice, she's deaf and's not bad, different but I like a B horror sometimes, cheesy but gruesome, that...wasn't it. After relaxing in the bath, comfort eating and watching a film, I'm ready for my bed, sweetie!


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