TheVeganKind #18

The Coconom original sugar was first featured this time last year here. In this box they've included the Coconom Ginger Coconut Sugar instead. The flavouring is from real ginger, giving a ginger-bread vibe to the sugar. You can use this as a sugar alternative for a healthier choice.

Faith in Nature Coconut Hand Wash, just in time as my last hand wash is just about to run out. When I had a good sniff at this I instantly thought of Malibu (the drink, not the City) and my nan just said to me "No, it just smells how Coconut should smell!" I still say it reminded me of the drink but it made no difference a it still smells gorgeous.

Ombar Coco Mylk Buttons dairy free mylk chocolate. These are made using raw, organic cacao and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. I didn't like these much to be honest.

Surprisingly the eat chic 73% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Maldon Sea Salt isn't as bad as it first sounds. Dark chocolate for me is normally very rich and then add peanut butter, sounded odd to me. I normally have with Marmite (don't knock it until you've tried it!). Pecking at this bite for bite I was amazed at how nice this tasted, honestly not so much when the salt got into the mix in my opinion. This is described as a guilt-free version of the infamous American chocolate peanut butter cup.

Handmade in London & 100% natural ingredients these Soffle's Chilli & Garlic MILD Pitta Chips are different to anything I've tried in the way of crisps. They are very hard & crunchy but moreish. I couldn't eat the entire bag as one snack, think my teeth are a little too sensitive for something a bit too hard.

Got my box a little late as I wasn't in at the time. I don't know why the box contents seemed 'smaller' this month but the hand wash was ideal for me this month. It's a shame the other stuff was nice but didn't capture me 100%. That's just how it goes!

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