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Being that skin is the base of everything it's important to take care of it, right? I'm really not trying to dabble into too much different skincare because I personally believe once something works for you, why fix it? That being said it's pretty hard when your skin wants to act a fool and change up, this could be due to weather and / or diet.

I noticed my skin start to become a little dry during the Autumn and Winter and I had a sample of the Weleda Skin Food and decided to give that a go and I couldn't believe how rich my skin felt. I was sent a tube of the Skin Food Savior and decided to use it as a face mask recommended, it had come with a face cloth. I soaked the cloth in warm water and lay it over your face to open pores and apply a thin layer of the skin food and left it on for about 10 minutes before using the same cloth again and wiping it off. It works well as a mask to relieve any signs of dryness and it even still works well as my face has started to get over the dry hump and back to it's normal / oily state. It's definitely one I'm keeping around.

I'm all for fruit enzymes that help the skin to turn over skin cells. Within the MyChella Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser it has exfoliating fruit enzymes as well as vitamins. It's aimed for dry skin and I used this for roughly a month when my skin was dry but I had an issue with my skin so I stopped using it. The scent I've read bothers some but it didn't phase my nose. It's more like a lotion, you'll notice this when it's squeezed on the tube a little running but creamy. This doesn't lather which is good. Where my skin was oily it didn't affect that part I noticed which is my nose and centre of my forehead. It's o.k. I use it here and there now when the skin feels like it's a little unhinged.

Oils I'm all for Oils. So when this was presented to me L'Occtaine Cleansing Oil, It was a yes. Especially as my face was moving more towards going back to it's normal / oil state. I live for oils, I'm a slave for oils but besides the DHC Cleansing Oil I've not used another brands. I like to use oil based products to remove my make-up. On a dry face I use one pump that I put into my palm and massage onto my face and of course I look like an oil slicked painting once the mascara, eyeliner joins the lipstick in the swirl masterpiece canvas of my face. Adding water to the hand and rubbing it through my face just to keep it moving the oil on the face before wiping off with a wash cloth. The face looks glowy shiny, not dry thanks to the Shea but obviously needs a bit more cleansing. The next step would be when I would use a cleanser device....

FOREO Luna - Combination Skin I've seen this little device for a couple of years now and when I was offered the chance to try it, it was a pleasure as I do like to thoroughly clean my skin. The fact there's no need to 'replace heads' and it just fits into the hand intrigued me. After charging you can get 450 uses before needing to recharge.

For the first week and a half it was an adjustment, the non abrasive silicone brush instead of bristles and then my skin started to change I was using it with the MyChelle cleanser (above) but I started getting small under the skin bumps, only visible when pointed out or while wearing foundation, the colour in the bump hadn't changed but it was only on one side of my face around my eye and also on my neck. I decided to stop using this and the cleanser and didn't wash my face for a couple days and just used Sudacream x Ultrabland daily which healed whatever the issue was (ETA : The issue was discovered here). I decided maybe the cleanser wasn't helpful and went back to using Cetaphil and I've had no issue since with my skin while using the FOREO Luna. You can still see the dirt appear in the silicone bristles of this device. Easy to rinse clean which I like to do before putting it back onto my face so I'm not just moving the dirt around.

The settings are on the front a - & + for decrease and increase of the vibration speed. It also has an anti-ageing setting which I've not used yet but I think I might,  why not if it's available. What I like about this is it's suitable for daily use. I've used it daily since my skin had it's minor mishap I thought maybe I had an issue with the silicone, obviously not. Although no matter what I always ALWAYS keep my LUSH Ultrabland and Ocean Salt in the bathroom, what can I say once a love, always a love.

Have you tried the FOREO Luna? Or has your skin changed a lot between seasons? 

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  1. I have a clarisonic and I have heard that when people try products like a clarisonic or the foreo luna that when you first start using it, its purging the skin almost and you go through a bad skin period before it gets better. I personally didn't experience this with my clarisonic but I know a lot of people have x


  2. I have a clarisonic that I used for a few months, but personally I prefer the double cleanse, facecloth off routine. I do wonder how the Foreo compares to the clarisonic, if it is more gentle etc. I found for my reasonably sensitive skin the clarisonic was a bit harsh.

  3. Lesley4/15/2015

    It's good to hear your experience LaaLaa, I've seen the Foreo Luna about but have never really read much about it. I'm always intrigued by products like this as I like that deep clean feeling. I use Cetaphil Cleanser occasionally but always worry it doesn't remove enough dirt/makeup but I can see how it would work well when used with the Foreo x

  4. Yeah I still do the double cleanse face cloth routine. I try not to use devices daily. I don't think my face needs it but the Foreo is alot more gentle on the skin than brush bristles for daily use. The pink Foreo is for sensitive / normal skin types if you are interested. Xo

  5. Me too. Deep cleanses I'm all for especially after the day out and makeup, pollution etc it's nice to get the dirt up. I agree I can't use the Cetaphil to remove my makeup I just use it for the second cleanse and let it work on a cleaner face. I need oils to remove my war paint haha xo


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