Lime Crime Clueless Witch Collection

I got these last month as a birthday treat for myself, I first was introduced to the Lime Crime Velvetines by Halima - Fashionicide and I had to pick up the Red Velvet and Pink Velvet they first released, so when I noticed this new collection, I didn't hesitate to pick them up, Salem & Wicked, I didn't bother with Black Velvet as I knew I probably wouldn't use it but doing a brain scan, I think I might get it now *thinks*.
Salem - Wicked - Pink Velvetine - Red Velvetine

I've worn them all but I must say that my favourite combination is wearing Salem and Wicked together, it gives it this 90s / grunge look which I of course thinks, rocks. I was walking through the mall and was stopped by a woman asking what my lip colour was and even though she had never heard of the brand she just needed to know what I had on my lips straight away - gotta love when that happens.

Witches brew, as if. Join my coven and get Wicked in Salem. Lips that stay and slay others!

Have you got any of these?
Share your thoughts!

Lime Crime Velvetine £13.50 each - Purchase Here
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  1. These look pretty intense! I've heard so much about them.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. They are intense but are such a dream. I should get back ups. Think the originals aren't available anymore (!?) xo

  2. Love the bright pink!

    Frankie x

    1. Thank you same here even though it's only been worn once - I'm not sure why! xo

  3. But i need them all though!

    Literally putting it in my basket now. <33333


  4. So gorgeous, love Salem and Wicked x

    1. They are beautiful colours and even more so combined. Got to stop using them or buy back ups before I go crazy xo

  5. pink and red is the best. live them. strong colors.
    check out my blog and leave me ur opinion about it please. any idea is appreciated.
    good luck.

    1. Strong colours and gorgeous - thank you xo

  6. Anonymous11/5/14

    So gorgeus!!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Ha! I know that feeling all too well.