New Changes

I've been so unwell this week it's unbelievable. I went from having a great Monday and then BAM hit with a migraine and its best friend earache.

Wednesday I decided to make a new Facebook Page for Dolce Vanity and I hope you join :o)

Also I want to say yay and thank you for helping me reach over 1000 followers.

There's a new feature on here too :

I decided to give back in a sense. Why have statistics and followers if you can't help others get noticed.

If your interested please check out the link in the navigation bar BBCL or this LINK !!

I think it could be quite interesting to find new blogs or even already established blogs.

The links will go up every Sunday not this Sunday as I'm hoping to build up the links and spread the word more  to get a nice little build up :] but everything takes time.

Once again .. thank you. I appreciate all that you've done to help me with getting Dolce Vanity to this point I could never of believed it. I'm still in shock and just appreciative that I've been  shortlisted.
Makes me feel good :] 
{ minus the migraine and earache lol }

Spread the word :] I  would appreciate it.

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